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Are You Ready?

Congrats, you’re enrolled! Now what?

Check out the list below to be sure you are prepared for classes this semester. 

One of the first things you should do as a new or returning student at Gateway is to set up your student User Profile Account. Your account will give you access to MyPath, Blackboard, KCTCS email, and much more!

Set up Your User Profile Account with this Guide

While your username and password are active immediately, your email will be active within 24 hours of enrolling in courses.

Log into MyPath and check your Student Self Service.

  • Check your To-Do List by clicking on “Tasks” from your Student Homepage.
  • Check your course schedule for class days & times.
  • Check your class notes to see if they are live stream, in-person, or completely online.
  • Watch this video for a walk-through of your student self-service account. 

As a student at Gateway, you have a variety of payment options available to you. Start here to find more information about affording college, FAFSA, and the types of financial aid that can be applied to your account. You can check your Financial Aid status online.

Tuition and fees may be paid via cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Students who have already enrolled can make payments online using their Student Self-Service account. Gateway offers payment plans that enable you to pay on your tuition and fees throughout the semester. Learn how to sign up for a payment plan here.

To avoid being dropped from your course(s), make payment arrangements at least a week prior to the first day of class. You can find tuition due dates and other important dates on the Academic Calendar.

Online Orientation gives you important information about the campus resources, programs, and services to support your success. Get started!

Parking is free at all Gateway campuses. Taking classes at the Covington campus? Park in the Mid-town garage at 5th and Scott. Validate your parking ticket on the first floor of the Gateway campus.

Online classes use Blackboard Collaborate to access your classes for coursework and communication. You’ll find Blackboard in your MyPath. Learn more here.

Gateway offers three different class formats: in-person, online, and online “live” virtual. You’ll find more details and examples below.

  • In-person (synchronous) classes meet at a specific time and location on campus.Example of an in-person (synchronous) class on a schedule
  • Live/virtual (synchronous) classes offer a live video lecture component that you join on your computer at a set time through Blackboard Collaborate according to scheduled days and times.Example of a live/virtual (synchronous) class on a schedule
  • Online classes (asynchronous) have no set time to be logged into the class on Blackboard, but you should ensure that you are submitting the required assignments before their set due dates.Example of an online (asynchronous) class on a schedule

Verify your class formats:

  1. Locate your class schedule by following the instructions under "Check Your Student Self-Service" above.
  2. On your schedule, note the location. In-person classes are located at a specific campus. Completely online and live/virtual classes are listed as “GTWONLINE.”
  3. Next, note the information for the time (begins and ends). In-person classes will meet at those times on the specific days of the week (noted as Meets on the schedule). Completely online classes are listed as TBA on time. Live/virtual classes will have a set time and days for a meeting, but the location will be GTWONLINE and the BLDG column will say WWW.

Example of a class schedule

Most importantly, make sure you attend your first day of class to prevent being dropped as a no show.

If you are taking an online class, you need to submit an assignment, participate in a discussion or take an exam or tutorial to prevent being dropped as a no show. If you aren’t sure what is required, avoid being dropped by contacting your instructor. Logging into the class does not count as academic activity.

If you are taking a face-to-face class, attend the scheduled in-person class. to prevent being dropped as a “no” show. If you can’t attend, communicate this to your instructor.

The “no” show policy applies to face-to-face classes as well as online classes. Being dropped as a “no” show can impact financial aid and may result in owing money to the college. In accordance with policy, Gateway requires all instructors to report no shows approximately six days after the first day of the class. In general, students will not be put back into a class after the “add” period, as listed on the Academic Calendar.

A syllabus is a document outlining essential course information, including topics you’ll study, due dates, resources, and policies. You can access your syllabus in Blackboard via MyPath once your instructor opens their course. Timing for course access varies by instructor and course start date. If you can’t access the course by the first day of class, contact your instructor. You can find your instructor’s email in the address book in your Gateway/KCTCS email.
Get your Gateway email on your iPhone or Android. Read your Gateway email daily for important announcements and notifications. This is the main way your instructor, advisor, and financial aid will contact you – don’t miss out! While your username and password are active immediately, your email will be active within 24 hours of enrolling in courses. Gateway communicates with you via your KCTCS/Gateway email account. Check it often to make sure you don’t miss anything important, like updates about financial aid and updates from our instructors.

Books can be purchased or ordered at our bookstore, Information Commons Kiosks, or online. Our campus bookstore is at the Boone Campus: 500 Technology Way, Florence, KY 41042, (859) 815-7630.

Take your class schedule and Student ID to Gateway’s bookstore when purchasing books.

Once you place your order, items can be:

  • Shipped to your home
  • Picked up from the Edgewood Information Commons desk
  • Picked up from the Urban Metro Information Commons desk
  • Picked up from the Boone Campus bookstore

Online: You may purchase textbooks online and choose in store pick up or shipping to your address.

If you are a dual credit student, some high schools provide students with books and materials for dual credit courses, while others don’t. Ultimately, you are responsible for getting access to all the textbooks and other materials you need for your courses. Some material may be available electronically as digital content. Digital content charges are separate from tuition, and you are responsible for these charges unless your high school or school district pays for them.

Get your free Student ID card at the Gateway Information Commons desks as early as two weeks before your first class begins. Current students can use their student ID to ride TANK free and get discounts in the community.
Download the KCTCS app to stay updated with all things happening on campus and to ask questions about anything Gateway related. The app makes it easy to view assignments, check your email, connect with fellow students, and more! Download the app for free on your mobile phone or tablet.
Gateway uses Handshake to help you find internships and the latest jobs from employers hiring in our area. You can get personalized job recommendations, attend virtual recruiting events, and apply to jobs meant for students like you. Create your free account with your KCTCS email address, fill out your profile, and apply to the right jobs for you - it is that easy!

Still have questions?

If you have questions about Blackboard, Financial Aid, Payments, or your Student User Account, the KCTCS Student Service Center is available 24/7, online, for chat, and by phone at 1-855-465-2827.

For general questions, contact the Information Commons on campus at Boone, Covington, or Edgewood. You can also reach the IC by phone at (859) 441-4500, press ‘0’ for a team member.

You can also text Gateway with questions. New students, not enrolled yet, text us at (859) 414-0909. Current students text us at (859) 479-2015.