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Parents play an important role in supporting their children create a better future through education. A Gateway education is an affordable option and a great investment in a successful future.

A Strong Partnership

We look forward to partnering with you to support your student’s success, and we encourage you to stay involved throughout your student's experience here. Here are some resources that will help you stay informed.

An Associate Degree from Gateway lets you transfer to a four-year university or college anywhere in the US. By building on the dual credit general education classes you took in high school, you can finish your Associate Degree at a Gateway and then transfer.

There are two reasons to pat yourself on the back for your smart choice!

One: If you've taken four dual credit classes, you have less than three semesters of community college left!

Two: You can save money!

Gateway Community & Technical College $4,176
Northern Kentucky University $9,912
Thomas More University $30,550
University of Cincinnati $11,700
University of Kentucky $12,360
University of Louisville $11,732

Costs per year/Based on 12 credit hours per semester