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Current Students

Registering for Classes

Congratulations, you are ready for another semester!

As a perk, current students have the opportunity to register independently for classes.

Are you a current student in good academic standing and ready for your next semester?

If so, then you are not required to meet with your advisor before online enrollment. You have already been granted access to Visual Schedule Builder which helps you to self-enroll with first choice of courses. That’s right.

We still recommend that you meet with your assigned advisor soon to discuss your progress towards graduation and review your advising plan.

Ready to get started? Below are the details and resources that will help as you continue with your success.

Review your Advising Plan – to find all your program requirements for graduation. 

If you aren’t sure which courses to take, access your academic requirements report to get an audit of your degree progress and a list of courses you still need. 

General education courses are required for all degrees that vary based on your program and career goals: 

  • Technical degrees often specify recommendations on the advising plan. When not provided, students pursuing a two-year degree choose can reference this list for applicable general education courses.
  • AA and AS students, who are ultimately pursuing a four-year degree, will also want to incorporate transfer pathway degree requirements and review transfer general education options into their course planning. 
Sign into the Visual Schedule Builder to search for current available class offerings, enroll, drop, or make changes to your registration.
Email your advisor if you have any difficulty registering for classes. Let them know if you’d like them to review your registration or provide course recommendations. 
Review the Are You Ready Checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything important, like checking your “to-do” tile and how you’ll pay for classes.

If you registered for any course(s) not required for your program, on the day following registration, you may receive notification to your KCTCS email titled “Course Eligibility: Action Needed!” from no-reply@kccs.edu. 

  • If you receive this email, don’t change your schedule. Forward the email to your advisor and ask for help with the next steps. 
  • If unable to connect with your advisor, forward the email to gw-advisingcenter@kctcs.edu 
  • Course eligibility emails are specific to program applicability for students using financial aid (FA). However, to stay on track for graduation, we recommend the same steps for all students. 

Connect with your advisor if you have any questions or difficulties registering for classes. If you are unable to connect with your advisor, contact the Advising Center.

Connecting with Your Advisor

If you are a Current Student ready to connect with your assigned faculty advisor, you’ll find their appointment scheduling information below. If you can’t remember your advisor’s name, you can find it in MyPath, under your Student Center tile.

Arts & Sciences Faculty Advisors
Name Schedule an Appointment
Stephanie Albert Meet with Stephanie Albert
Sasha Annan Meet with Sasha Annan
Jennifer Ashbaugh  Meet with Jennifer Ashbaugh
Frances (Frannie) Bennett Meet with Frances (Frannie) Bennett
Sherry Blum-Pretty Meet with Sherry Blum-Pretty
Bryan Burns Email Bryan Burns
Krista Campbell Meet with Krista Campbell
Miguel Chavez Meet with Miguel Chavez
William (Bill) Comparetto Meet with William (Bill) Comparetto
Michelle Crowley Email Michelle Crowley
Fares DaSilva Meet with Fares DaSilva
John DeBerry Meet with John DeBerry
Paul R. Frazier Meet with Paul R. Frazier
Adam Funk Meet with Adam Funk
Jake Godfrey Email Jake Godfrey
Matthew Hafley Meet with Matthew Hafley
Keith Hughes Meet with Keith Hughes
Paul Klein Meet with Paul Klein
George Mathew Meet with George Mathew
Joe Moffett Meet with Joe Moffett
Rock Neelly Meet with Rock Neelly
Audrey Ostendorf Meet with Audrey Ostendorf
Christopher Russey Meet with Christopher Russey
Melanie Ryan Email Melanie Ryan
Beth Settlemoir Meet with Beth Settlemoir
Weston Shaw Meet with Weston Shaw
Natasha Vallette Meet with Natasha Vallette
Eileen Walter Meet with Eileen Walter
Katie Waters Meet with Katie Waters
Business, IT, and Professional Studies Faculty Advisors
Name Schedule an Appointment
Jana Camm Meet with Jana Camm
Chad Grooms Meet with Chad Grooms
Sandy Haig Meet with Sandy Haig
Weizhong (Bill) Jing Meet with Weizhong (Bill) Jing
Mike P. Riley Meet with Mike P. Riley
Carol Risk Meet with Carol Risk
Christopher Savchick Meet with Christopher Savchick
Lisa Sehannie Meet with Lisa Sehannie
Tyler Van Dyke Meet with Tyler Van Dyke
Beth VanWassenhove Meet with Beth VanWassenhove
Jay Wright Meet with Jay Wright
Health Professions Faculty Advisors
Name Schedule an Appointment
Stevies Barnes Meet with Stevies Barnes
Jessica Boggs Meet with Jessica Boggs
Amber Carter Meet with Amber Carter
Tori Cornine Meet with Tori Cornine
Teaara Cozart Meet with Teaara Cozart
Andrea Eden-Shingleton Meet with Andrea Eden-Shingleton
Lindsey Fender Meet with Lindsey Fender
Jimmy Gilvin Meet with Jimmy Gilvin
Michael Harris Meet with Michael Harris
Adara Holbrook Meet with Adara Holbrook
Rose Horvath Meet with Rose Horvath
Jeffrey Kopaniasz Meet with Jeffrey Kopaniasz
Anissa McBreen Meet with Anissa McBreen
Megan Migliozzi Meet with Megan Migliozzi
Anthony (Tony) Morgan Meet with Anthony (Tony) Morgan
Lance Nelson Meet with Lance Nelson
Meredith Ramler Meet with Meredith Ramler
Donnelly Simmins Meet with Donnelly Simmins
Ivy Smock Meet with Ivy Smock
Rachel Studer Meet with Rachel Studer
Jennifer (Siew) Wong Meet with Jennifer (Siew) Wong
Melea Yaslovitz Meet with Melea Yaslovitz
Manufacturing and Transportation Faculty Advisors
Name Schedule an Appointment
Curt Addison  Email Curt Addison
Christopher Brewer Meet with Christopher Brewer
Richard Clark Meet with Richard Clark
Sam Collier Meet with Sam Collier
Charles (Andy) Crawford Meet with Charles (Andy) Crawford
Jonathan Davis Meet with Jonathan Davis
William Donahue Meet with William Donahue
Ty Fitzgerald Meet with Ty Fitzgerald
Rodney Foltz Meet with Rodney Foltz
Ricky Frazier Meet with Ricky Frazier
Mark Giesey Email Mark Giesey
Gabe Lipscomb Meet with Gabe Lipscomb
Michael Mueller Meet with Michael Mueller
Patrick Rickert Meet with Patrick Rickert
David Schaefer Meet with David Schaefer
Nick Steffen Meet with Nick Steffen
Irish Wilkin Meet with Irish Wilkin

New Students

If you are a New Student, after completing admissions steps, you're ready to schedule an advising appointment! Complete this form and we will contact you by email.

Additional Resources

A few additional resources that may be of interest to you: