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COVID-19 Updates

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New Students – Getting Started

All new students attend a one-on-one advising appointment after completing admissions steps and orientation. Gateway Advisors follow a model called SMART: Student Mentoring through Advising, Retention, and Transitions. SMART is designed to help you start college on the right foot. Find your program SMART Plan with required classes here. Ready to choose classes and take the next step toward your future? Call us at (859) 442-1630.

Questions? Contact the Advising Center. We’re always here for you.

Current Students – Advising and Registration  

As a student at Gateway you’ll be assigned an academic advisor who will help you plan your classes, make sure you’re on track to graduate, give you career advice, and more.

Visual Schedule Builder: Create Your Schedule and Register for Classes

VSB makes creating your schedule a snap! Use your SMART Plan to find required courses and catalog info, so you only take classes you need. To register, watch this VSB video or use these directions:

  1. Sign into your Student Self-Service account at the top of Gateway’s website.
  2. From your Student Center, click on the green button: New! Create Your Schedule.
  3. Choose your term and preferred campus.
  4. Add each class (example: “ENG 101”) by typing it in the Select Course box, then click Select Generated Results will appear on the right, if not click “Generate Schedules.”
  5. Use the gray arrows to explore. Too many options? Narrow your results: 
    • Specify online or on-campus Note: “Cov. & Park Hills” campus must be selected to view Gateway’s online options.
    • When you find a class you want, click on it to put a red pin in it to narrow your results. 
  6. Once you’ve pinned all your courses, click on Get this Schedule.
  7. To register, click Do Actions.  Each class should say If any say Failed, email your advisor a picture of the screen with your ID number for assistance.
  8. To review your final schedule, click on Return to Add Classes then View my Class Schedule. If the schedule shows up in Calendar View, choose List View for more