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Email on Android

How to set up your email on your Android device

  1. Find and open your Settings app 
    android settings
  2. Look for "Accounts" or "Accounts and Sync" on some devices
    accounts and passwords
  3. Select "Add Account"
    add account
  4. Type in your username, hit next arrow
  5. Type in your password, hit next arrow
  6. Verify your information is correct. Server should be "" as shown
  7. Remote security administration - this is for your benefit in case it is lost. You can go in through Webmail and perform a remote wipe. Click "OK" to continue.
    remote security
  8. Select your Sync settings
    sync settings
  9. Activate device administrator? device administrator
  10. Name your account
    name your account

Still need help? Contact Campus IT Support at (859) 442-4100 or by email at