TRIO - Project ASPIRE (Academic Support Program to Increase Retention in Education) is a federally funded TRIO Student Support Services grant designed to help students succeed in college. Our goal is to increase student success rates while reducing the graduation gaps for first generation, Pell eligible students, helping them successfully reach their goals at Gateway and explore transfer options to a four-year college or university.

Here is the TRIO Project ASPIRE page with more information.

  • personalized academic advising and coaching
  • writing and math support
  • Financial aid information
  • short-term personal counseling
  • assistance in the transfer process
  • career goal clarification
  • assistance with resume writing and interviewing skills
  • managing your money
  • social and cultural activities
  • access to student coaches

You may qualify for TRIO - Project ASPIRE if you are a first-generation college student (neither parent earned a bachelor’s degree), and or meet federal income guidelines.