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Transfer Services

Whether you're transferring to Gateway, or want to build on the education you received here, we want to make your transition as easy and successful as possible. We've helped countless students take this next step, and now it's our turn to help you. Check out these transfer resources that will help you on your way.

Great news - since Gateway is regionally accredited, your credits you earned while at Gateway will transfer with you! Gateway has transfer agreements with four-year colleges and universities and are available in a number of different program areas/majors. 

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Ready for a new educational adventure? Transfer to Gateway and continue building a better future. Here’s how to apply.

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Did you know you can be a student at Gateway and a four-year college at the same time? We have partnerships with several four-year colleges in the region that allow you to be dual-enrolled while you are still taking Gateway classes.

You can enroll in these programs as early as your first semester and it allows you to take four classes at the four-year school while still a Gateway student and paying Gateway’s tuition rate! You would also have access to campus facilities, ability to participate in student organizations and activities, and be assigned an academic advisor at the four-year school.

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  • GC3 allows students to take classes at the Gateway rate at any Cincinnati-area college. Students must be enrolled in at least six hours at Gateway and be in good financial standing. More information at
  • Student can pick up a GC3 application at the Registrar’s Office on the Edgewood Campus. The student should have identified the class section at the external institution that they want to enroll in before picking up an application.
  • All non-developmental courses will transfer.
  • To transfer Gateway credits (including students who were at Gateway as visiting students) – student requests an official copy of their transcript be sent from the registrar’s office to the institution of their choice.