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Academic Advising is a partnership between you and your advisor, from the beginning of the college experience, until your graduation. Your advisor will support your success by providing appropriate tools, resources, and a clear path to achieve your goals. As a Gateway student, you’ll be assigned to a Professional Academic Advisor for your first semester, and later transition to your Faculty Advisor, who specializes in your chosen area of study. Use the resources below to learn more about advising and your next steps.   

  1. After completing admissions steps and online orientation all new students attend an in person or virtual one-on-one advising appointment.
  2. Completed admissions and orientation? Submit this form and we will contact you to schedule with an advisor.
  3. After Advising - we want to know what you think! Please take a moment to tell us about your Academic Advising experience.

All current students, who have attended classes within the last two semesters, have an assigned Academic Advisor in PeopleSoft. If you’ve been away from Getaway for a year or longer, click on “New Students” above to get connected with an advisor. 

Ready to connect with your assigned Academic Advisor? You can find them by logging into MyPath, self-service account. Click on the Student Center tile to find your assigned advisor.

Access your faculty advisor’s scheduling information here as well as resources to help you determine which classes you need and how to register for classes. Connect with your advisor at least once each semester to stay on track for graduation.


  • Use your SMART Plan to find your required courses, so you only take classes you need.
  • Your Academic Requirements Report will audit the courses you’ve taken and still need.
  • If you are considering Changing your Major, you can run a What If Academic Requirements Report.

How to use visual schedule builder

Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) makes creating your schedule a snap! To register, watch this VSB video or use these directions:

  • Sign into your MyPath and click on the Visual Schedule Builder tile.
  • Choose your college as “Gateway”, then choose your term and preferred campus(es).
  • Add each class (example: “ENG 101”) by typing it in the Select Course box, then click Select.  
  • Generated Results will appear on the right, if not click “Generate Schedules.”
    Use the gray arrows to explore. 
  • When you find a class you want, click on it to put a red pin in it to narrow your results. 
  • Once you’ve pinned all your courses, click on Get this Schedule.
  • To register, click Do Actions.
  • To the right of each class, it should say Added, if any say Failed, email your advisor a picture of the screen with your ID number for assistance.
  • To review your final schedule, click on Return to Add Classes to view your schedule.

We want to know what you think! Please take a moment to tell us about your Academic Advising experience

You are enrolled in classes at Gateway. Are you ready to get started? Here is a list of helpful steps for a successful semester!

Online Orientation gives you important information about the campus resources, programs, and services to support your success. Get started!

All courses at Gateway use Blackboard, which is an online learning platform. To ensure your success, it is strongly recommended that you have a computer with reliable Internet access. Smart phones, tablets and/or Chromebooks may not provide reliable access.  Check out technology recommendations here.
Need to submit a document to your advisor?  You can do that here. Someone from Gateway will be in contact within two business days regarding your submission.  

Gateway students sometimes have an Advising “ADV” hold on their account to ensure they connect with an advisor before enrolling. Your advisor will move your ADV hold to the next semester once your enrollment is complete. The ADV hold is only connected to registration access and does not interfere with your academic progress or have any connection to Financial Aid.  

Sometimes enrollment requires an override by an advisor. Please read the error message and email your Academic Advisor for assistance. You’ll want to include your student ID#, the specific course details, error message received, and a screenshot if possible. If you have an enrollment “time conflict”, read the details thoroughly, then select a different class. 

Log into your Student Self-Service from Mypath. Under "Academics," click "My Class Schedule." Select the term you want your schedule for (i.e., Fall 2021) and click continue. Print your schedule as needed.
If you have questions, feel free to contact the Information Commons at (859) 441-4500 (press ‘0) or the Academic Advising Team at (859) 442-1630. 

Here is our frequently asked questions guide that should have answers for you!

Follow links for more information about Financial Aid or paying for college, Student User Account, Blackboard, or check our FAQ. The Information Commons can be reached at (859) 441-4500, then press zero. The KCTCS Student Service Center is able to assist you 24/7 online or by phone at 1-855-465-2827.