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Visual Schedule Builder

Visual Schedule Builder: Create Your Schedule and Register for Classes

VSB makes creating your schedule a snap! Use your Advising Plan to find required courses and catalog info, so you only take classes you need.  To register use these directions:

  1. Sign into Visual Schedule Builder here
  2. Choose your Term (like Spring 2019 or Fall 2019)
  3. Choose Gateway as your College
  4. Add classes (like ENG 101) one at a time to the ‘Select Course’ box in the lower left
  5. Generated Results will appear in the middle and the right
  6. Use the gray arrows (in the middle) to explore your options
  7. Too many Generated Results? Let’s narrow them:
    • Choose preferred Campus (like Boone, Edgewood or Covington)
    • Choose online or on-campus - Note: “Cov. & Park Hills” campus must be selected to view Gateway’s 100% online options
  8. When you find a class you want, click on it to put a red pin in it 
  9. Once you’ve pinned all your courses, click on the green button to Get this Schedule
  10. Finalize registration by clicking on the green Do Actions button
  11. Each class should say Added - if any say Failed, work with your Academic Advisor
  12. View your schedule by clicking on Return to Add Classes.
  13. Don’t have Green Buttons? Contact your Academic Advisor.  Email them your ID# and a picture of the error the course details with the error message