Manufacturing Engineering Technology - AAS | GCTC

Manufacturing Engineering Technology - AAS

(68 total credit hours)

Recommended Semester 1
Courses Credits Grade Offered
Digital Literacy - CIT 105 Introduction to Computers or OST 105 Introduction to Office Systems (or Competency demonstrated by exam)  3   All
BAS 160 Introduction to Business (pre-req for BAS 289) * 3   All
ENG 101 Writing I 3   All
ELT 110 Circuits I (pre-req for MFG 135) * 5   Fall/Spring
MAT 171 Precalculus (pre-req for ELT 201) * 2   All
Recommended Semester 2
Courses Credits Grade Offered
ELT 103 Introduction to Engineering  3   Spring
MAT 151 Introduction to Applied Statistics (pre-req for STA 251) * 3   All
MFG 135 Fundamentals of Mechatronics  6   Fall/Spring
MFG 175 Lean Manufacturing 2   Online
Technical Elective course(s) 4   Fall/Spring
Recommended Semester 3
Courses Credits Grade Offered
BAS 289 Operations Management 3   Fall/Spring
Heritage or Humanities General Education course 3   All
Natural Science General Education course (rec. PHY 201/202) 3   All
STA 251 Applied Statistics (rec. before QMS 101) * 3   All
Technical Elective course(s) (rec. COM 181) 3   Fall/Spring
Recommended Semester 4
Courses Credits Grade Offered
FPX 100 Fluid Power 3   Fall/Spring
FPX 101 Fluid Power Lab 2   Fall/Spring
MFG 295 Capstone 1   Spring
PSY 110 General Psychology or SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3   All
QMS 101 Introduction to Quality Systems 3   Fall/Spring
Technical Elective course(s) (rec. ELT 201) 4   Fall


  • * Critical path - missing these courses during the semester indicated may delay your program completion.
  • Progression in the program is contingent upon achievement of a grade C or greater in each course and maintenance of a 2.0 cumulative GPA or above (on a 4.0 scale).
  • At least 25 percent of the approved curriculum for any certificate, diploma or degree must be completed at the student’s home college.

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KCTCS Catalog - Manufacturing Engineering Technology -  AAS

Are you career ready?

Technical and employability skills are essential to your professional success. Each semester as you progress academically, invest in yourself by taking steps to establish your career readiness.

Semester 1: Focus on business operations with an emphasis in verbal and written communication. Consider connecting with a professional in your chosen field to interview or shadow them for a day.

Semester 2: Understand how automation and flexible manufacturing systems work and their mechanical applications. After completing MFG 135, you’ll be eligible to earn a certificate in Mechatronics. Gain experience by researching employment opportunities in your chosen technical field using handshake.

Semester 3: Begin applying higher order problem solving skills using statistics and statics. Understand how manual machining, programming, and beginning engineering skills can facilitate ongoing improvements within a company. Connect with Career Services to develop your professional cover letter, resume, and request a practice interview.

Semester 4: Implement the industry approach known as A3, which includes problem solving and higher order critical thinking, while applying your skills in quality, statistics, and lean manufacturing, resulting in efficient company practices.

Your online capstone course, MFG 295, is a graduation requirement for Manufacturing Engineering Technology program, to prepare you for successful completion of the NOCTI Exam.