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Career Services

Gateway Community & Technical College offers a variety of services related to choosing a career and finding a job while you are in school or after you graduate.

Career Service Online (CSO) allows you to search for available positions in the field of your choice. Login and register here.

For information on how to register, click here.

For more information, please email or call 859-442-1609.

To schedule a campus visit, where you are able to meet with students for information sessions or open interviews, please email or call 859-442-1609.

If you would like to post positions on our Career Service Online Job Bank, please register here.

To schedule an appointment with a Career Service representative, please email or call 859-442-1609.

You may take our free online career inventory, FOCUS 2. Please register here. 

Schedule an appointment by emailing or call 859-442-1609.

Focus2 is a free, online career assessment tool provided by Gateway Community and Technical College’s Career Services office to prospective and current Gateway students. Research has shown there are benefits to completing a career assessment tool and career planning. It can lead to a student being more motivated, getting better grades, staying in college and taking less time to graduate because they are more focused on their career and educational goals.

Click here to begin.

  • Click on “New User, Click here to get started”. Create an account. Use “gateway” as your access code. (For current and prospective students only.)
  • Take the assessment.
    • Career Readiness (complete two surveys – optional)
    • Self Assessment (complete five surveys – one is optional)
      • Work
      • Leisure (optional)
      • Skills
      • Personality
      • Values

Most of the assessments will take 10-15 minutes each to complete. After each assessment, you will be able to review recommended occupations. Save any occupations that interest you. When you complete an assessment, click on “Return to Main Menu” in the banner at the top right. You will be able to print a full report of your results after completing all the steps.

  • Contact us! Call us at 859-442-1609 or email for more information about your results, learning about the great opportunities we have at Gateway and discovering more about your skills and strengths for your future success!
  • Your resume is a living document. It should be changed to represent the different skills employers are looking for in the job description and the different verbs they use in their descriptions. If the job description looks for leadership and technical skills in a certain area, make sure you do what you can to demonstrate you have that.
  • Make sure your grammar and spelling are correct. If you make a mistake in this area, it can be the difference between getting an interview and keeping searching.
  • Sell yourself! If you all you did was flip burgers, you aren’t selling yourself well enough. I worked with a team to provide fast and accurate customer first service in a food service environment. This shows teamwork, communication and attention to detail. These skills are essential for any employment and chances are you really did learn them working at a restaurant.
  • Keep it simple! Black and white, Times New Roman and straight forward formatting are essential to having a professional looking resume.
  • If you aren’t certain, ask for help! Find someone you trust or reach out to Will Kirschner for career assistance at 859-442-1160. We often don’t see common mistakes we make, so it can be essential to get a second set of eyes on things.
  • You got the interview! The first thing that you should do is make sure you are prepared for some of the more common questions. What do you know about this company? What would make you a good candidate for this position? Have an answer in your head to these questions so you can be better prepared for the difficult questions.
  • Be prepared. Know how to get where you are interviewing and know what you need to be bring. Always aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before an interview, that way if something happens you have a built-in buffer to help get you to the appointment on time.
  • Dress one level above what you will be expected for the job. If you will be wearing a uniform, a dress shirt and dress pants would be best. If you have to wear a dress shirt, a dress coat or more formal dresswear would work best here.
  • Show that you would be an asset to the workplace culture. Warmly greet administrative assistants and remember that the interview starts the second you walk in the door and not just when the questions start.
  • Scared of interviews? Always get tripped up by certain questions? Don’t forget that career services at Gateway can provided you with a mock interview followed up by more tips and tricks to ace the real thing.