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Campus Health and Safety

Gateway Community & Technical College takes the safety and security of our students, employees and visitors seriously. Safety at Gateway requires the continued active support and involvement of the entire college community. You can help by being aware of your surroundings and personal safety, and reporting suspicious situations to security officers or Information Commons staff. Keep an eye on your belongings, and do not leave valuable items unattended. Lock cars, and keep all valuables such as electronic devices, purses, money and textbooks out of sight.

  • Contact security officer cell phones - to report incidents or problems on campus. In case of a true emergency, call 911 first, then the security officer.
  • Click on desktop Security Icon available on classroom and specific office PCs. Once you have logged in, you may click on this icon to silently summon a security officer to your classroom or office.
  • Accidents and injuries on campus should be reported immediately by contacting security officer cell phones. In case of a true emergency, call 911 first, then the campus security officer.
  • If an employee is injured, they or their supervisor should notify the Gateway human resources department immediately.

Security Services Officers and officer stations are located at our campuses. Cell phones, electronic tablets and email are used for quick access to information and reporting. Contact information is posted at officer stations, on doors and in each campus room.

Cell Phone Numbers:

Boone (859) 307-1884
Edgewood (859) 307-1037
Urban (859) 307-8419
Transportation Technology Center (859) 391-6152

Email Addresses (non-emergency):

Urban Metro
Transportation Technology Center

Always call 9-1-1 for help. Then contact your campus security officer.

Lost and Found lockboxes are located at officer stations. Any items that are found should be turned in to Security.

Matt Bunning, can be reached at ((859) 442-4129) or

The SNAP (Safety Notification Alert Process) system notifies your KCTCS email address automatically with information about campus delays, closings and urgent situations. By making changes at, you may also choose to receive messages on cell phones, voicemail and text messaging. Signing up for multiple ways of receiving SNAP messages can allow you to get information more quickly. Please advise students to do the same. Faculty should log in to their classroom computers even if they will not be used during the class. This allows a SNAP message to be received.

Should be consulted for detailed information on health, safety, policies and protocols at Gateway: Student Handbook.

Emergency information, including evacuation routes and assembly areas, is posted in each campus room. Because our employees and students are often on various campuses, it is important that individuals take a moment to review shelter areas and escape routes. Please ask students to do the same. Those who communicate with dual-credit students should take particular care in reviewing and discussing the room poster information. Students who may need assistance during emergencies and evacuations should be advised to register with disability services at (859) 442-1606.
This brief video is available online to provide examples of what you could do if confronted with a violent incident. We strongly encourage you to view this video. You may also share it with your students and colleagues.
Because campuses are safer when we all work together, Gateway will continue to offer interactive educational sessions. The goal is to hold regular sessions on personal safety, preparedness, and prevention. If you are interested in making our campuses safer, or would like a presentation for a particular group, please contact our Manager of Safety & Security, Matt Bunning,
Surveillance cameras, lighting and emergency signage are located inside and outside of campus buildings and in parking lots. Weather and two-way radios are used to facilitate communication.

The Gateway Community & Technical Colleges Behavioral intervention Team (BIT) supports Gateway's overall goal to provide a safe and supportive environment by facilitating a See Something, Say Something culture at the college. The Behavioral Intervention Team responds to reports of individuals who present disruptive or concerning behavior. We coordinate resources and respond with the goal of providing assistance to the individual while reducing potential risk in an effort to keep the Gateway community healthy and safe.

Its easy to report.

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on pregnancy and parental status, sexual harassment, sexual violence, stalking, domestic violence, dating violence, and retaliation in college. Your Title IX Coordinator is Mallis Graves. If you have any questions about Title IX and your rights, contact her at

For additional information visit our Title IX page.

Safety requires the continued active support and involvement of the entire college community. You can help by being aware of your surroundings and personal safety, and reporting suspicious situations to security officers. Please feel free to contact Matt Bunning, Manager of Safety & Security, ((859) 442-4129) or with concerns or suggestions. We wish you a safe, productive and enjoyable semester.