As a Gateway Community & Technical College student or employee, the email addresses and phone numbers in your official college record have been automatically enrolled to receive SNAP Messages by email, phone call and/or text. SNAP is the Safety Notification Alert Process that notifies recipients of emergency situations on campus and of weather-related closings.

Are you a parent, board or community member interested in receiving SNAP emergency messages from a KCTCS college? Sign up to receive notifications here.

If you do not want to receive SNAP text messages, you can unsubscribe this way:

Text STOP from your cell phone to 68453 or reply STOP to a SNAP message.
For help information at any time, text HELP from your phone to 68453.

To edit phone numbers receiving SNAP messages update your contact information in the student/employee self-service center.

For more information visit

There are three groups registered to receive emergency notifications: 

1. Current KCTCS students Messages are automatically sent to any student designated by the registrar as currently enrolled. *Please note students enrolled for any course (even a one day or short term course, Learn on Demand, Workforce Solutions, fire training, etc.) are typically listed as currently registered in PeopleSoft and will be included in the SNAP/KNECT database for that entire semester. Students can update their personal contact information in the Student Self-Service Center at SNAP notifications are automatically sent to any registered email address, phone calls are made to students preferred phone numbers and cell phones automatically receive a text message. (To block calls to any of the above numbers see unsubscribe instructions below) 

2. Current KCTCS employees All employees will receive SNAP messages automatically sent to email addresses, desk (VOIP) phones, and cell phone numbers listed in PeopleSoft. Employees can update personal contact information and add cell phones for text message notifications at Emergency/closing notifications are sent by SNAP to any registered employee email address, VOIP desk phones receive an audio message and visual display, and text messages are sent to cell phone numbers registered in PeopleSoft. Employees should use the self-subscriber site to add additional phone numbers and register to receive alerts from other colleges/System Office if they are not assigned to work at that college/System Office. 

3. Self-Subscribers Prior to February 2013, to receive SNAP messages by phone call or text, users had to opt-in using the self-subscriber system. All of these numbers and 
email addresses are entered and controlled by the user. They remain in the system until the user closes the account or requests to suspend the account. Self-subscribers can manage your account here. To stop all self-subscriber messages go to "My Account" click "Permanently close my account". If you do not have your login email/password, fill out an unsubscribe request using the Contact Us web form at 

The number of calls/messages will vary depending on the emergency situation. As the situation changes additional messages could be needed to update the college community. During regular, scheduled testing every effort is made to limit the number of messages sent but occasionally tests do need to be repeated. Please also note: if a single message is sent and you have a phone number registered in the system, when a SNAP message is sent the system will attempt to call the number up to 3-4 times until there is a pickup or a voicemail/answering machine is recognized. 

For text messages: You can reply STOP to any SNAP message you receive or text STOP from your cell phone to 68453 at any time to block messages. 

To stop email messages: At the bottom of your SNAP email, click "Unsubscribe" to stop messages to that email address. 

To stop phone calls: Please provide the phone number where you are receiving calls and our IT department can block calls to this number. (Forward name and number with call unsubscribe request to college SNAP/IT administrator.) 

Were sorry you are getting these messages in error, all of the numbers in the system are pulled from contact information submitted by students when they register for classes or employees when they are hired by KCTCS. Occasionally there are numbers listed that are incorrect or outdated. 

In some cases a student who is registered for a class for a short period of time, is still listed as registered for the entire semester or term. At the end of the semester/term your contact information will be automatically deleted from the system. 

To stop any unwanted messages follow these steps: 

Text messages - You can reply STOP to any SNAP message you receive or text STOP from your cell phone to 68453 at any time to block messages. 

email messages - At the bottom of your SNAP email, click "Unsubscribe" to stop messages to that email address. 

Phone calls - Please fill out a request at and click on the Contact Us Here link at the bottom of the page to fill out a phone unsubscribe request. Please enter your name, email address and the number where you are receiving SNAP calls. Please allow 24-48 hours to process the request. 

Please allow up to 48 hours OR 2 business days to process your request. Also, not all automated messages sent from the college are SNAP messages. If you are still listed as a registered student or a wrong number remains in student records you could receive calls from the non-emergency communications tool (KNECT), Blackboard, student services, etc. You should contact the colleges Student Service Center or Registrars Office if there is an error in your records.