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Emergency Medical Services- AAS: Paramedic

(69 total credit hours)

Certification/Courses Credits Grade Offered
EMS 105 Emergency Medical Technical or KY EMT Certification/National Registry 6   Fall/Spring
AHS 115 Medical Terminology 3   All
BIO 135 Basic Anatomy and Physiology with lab (or BIO 137 and BIO 139)  4   All
Recommended Semester 1
Courses Credits Grade Offered
EMS 201Principles of Paramedicine I 6   Fall
EMS 203 Practicum I (Clinical)  1   Fall
EMS 204 Principles Lab I  2   Fall
EMS 205 Principles of Paramedicine III 6   Fall
EMS 207 Principles Lab II  1   Fall
Recommended Semester 2
Courses Credits Grade Offered
EMS 202 Principles of Paramedicine II  5   Spring
EMS 206 Practicum II (Clinical) 3   Spring
EMS 2081 Principles of Paramedicine IV – Part 1  4   Spring
EMS 209 Principles Lab III 2   Spring
Recommended Semester 3
Courses Credits Grade Offered
EMS 2082 Principles of Paramedicine IV – Part 2 2   Summer
EMS 212 Practicum III-Field 4   Summer
EMS 213 Principles of Paramedicine V 2   Summer
Recommended Semester 4
Courses Credits Grade Offered
Digital Literacy - CIT 105 Introduction to Computers or OST 105 Introduction to Office Systems (or Competency demonstrated by exam)*


ENG 101 Writing I*  3   All
Heritage/Humanities General Education course (rec. PHI 110 Medical Ethics)* 3   All
MAT 151 Intro to Applied Statistics (or other AAS Quantitative Reasoning course)  3   All
Oral Communications General Education course (rec. COM 252 Introduction to Interpersonal Communications)* 3   All
PSY 110 General Psychology *  3   All


  •  * General Education credits can be taken in any order, but it is recommended that the biology course(s) be taken before or as co-requisites with the first semester of EMS courses. 
  • At least 25 percent of the approved curriculum for any certificate, diploma or degree must be completed at the student’s home college.

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