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Industrial Maintenance Technology - AAS: Advanced Manufacturing Technician Track

(66-69 total credit hours)

Recommended Semester 1
Courses Credits Grade Offered
BRX 120 Basic Blueprint Reading  3   Fall
ENG 101 Writing I 3   All
IMT 110 Industrial Maintenance Electrical Principles  3   Fall
IMT 111 Industrial Maintenance Electrical Principles lab 2   Fall
IMT 1381 Safety Culture (formerly IET 1301) 1   Fall
IMT 1382 5S (formerly IET 1302) 1   Fall
MAT 116 Technical Mathematics (or higher level Quantitative Reasoning course) 3   All
Recommended Semester 2
Courses Credits Grade Offered
Digital Literacy - CIT 105 Introduction to Computers or OST 105 Introduction to Office Systems (or Competency demonstrated by exam) 3   All
EET 270 Electrical Motor Control I  2   Spring
EET 271 Electrical Motor Control I Lab  2   Spring
FPX 100 Fluid Power 3   Spring
FPX 101 Fluid Power Lab 2   Spring
IMT 150 Maintaining Industrial Equipment I 3   Spring
IMT 151 Maintaining Industrial Equipment I Lab 2   Spring
Recommended Semester 3
Courses Credits Grade Offered
CMM 110 Fundamentals of Machine Tools 3   Summer
IMT 100 Welding for Maintenance 3   Summer
IMT 101 Welding for Maintenance Lab 2   Summer
IMT 1383 Total Production System Maintenance (formerly IET 1303)  1   Summer
Recommended Semester 4
Courses Credits Grade Offered
EET 272 Electrical Motor Controls II  2   Fall
EET 273 Electrical Motor Controls II Lab 2   Fall
IMT 200 Industrial Robotics and Robotic Maintenance 4   All
Heritage or Humanities General Education course (rec: HIS 240 History of Kentucky) 3   All
Natural Science General Education course (rec. PHY151 Introductory Physics) 3   All
Recommended Semester 5
Courses Credits Grade Offered
COM 181 Basic Public Speaking or COM 252 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication 3   All
EET 276 Programmable Logic Controllers  2   Spring
EET 277 Programmable Logic Controllers Lab 2   Spring
IMT 1384 Problem Solving (formerly IET 1304) 1   Spring
IMT 1385 Maintenance Reliability (formerly IET 1305)  1   Spring
IMT 289 Capstone 1   Spring
Social/Behavioral Science General Education course (rec. COM 254 Introduction to Intercultural Communication) 3   All


  • * Other courses substituted at the discretion of the program coordinator (15 credit hours technical electives required).
  • Progression in the program is contingent upon achievement of a grade C or greater in each course and maintenance of a 2.0 cumulative GPA or above (on a 4.0 scale).
  • At least 25 percent of the approved curriculum for any certificate, diploma or degree must be completed at the student’s home college.

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