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Career Maps

Interested in a specific career but not sure where to begin in that field? We've made some maps to help you plan your educational journey!



Are you organized, detail-oriented, and good with numbers? Want to apply these skills in your every day work?

aws cloud specialist

AWS Cloud Specialist

Do you want to learn how small businesses to large corporations like Netflix entrust their entire business to AWS allowing them to build giant infrastructure without using an onsite or owned datacenter? Do you want to be a part of how AWS powers the global data infrastructure?

business analyst

Business Informatics

Do you have a knack for working with people, but also like working with computers and delving into data? Are you organized, goal-oriented, and work well in groups?

man working at computer

Computer Scientist or Data Scientist

Are you highly analytical, goal-oriented, and interested in process improvement? Do you like working with computers and excel working by yourself or in a team setting?


Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Do you work well in high pressure situations and want to help others? Level up your life-saving skills.



Are you a self-starter? Are you disciplined, independent, creative, and determined to reach you goals? Can you lead but also put in the hard work needed?

financial planner

Financial Analyst or Financial Planner

Are you interested in investments? Do you have good analytical skills, love to crunch numbers, and want to apply these skills to corporate and individual finances?

supply chain

Global Supply Chain

Are you organized? Are you an excellent problem-solver with great communication skills and a desire to work in the field of logistics? Are you dedicated, passionate, and able to think on your feet?

help desk professional

Help Desk Professional

Do you have a passion and talent for technology and enjoy sharing it with others? Want to be in a career with the opportunity to advance and tailor your talent to current and emerging technologies?

job interview

Human Resources

Are you organized, friendly and a good communicator? Are you skilled at problem-solving and comfortable in a leadership role?

international business

International Business

Are you a creative problem-solver with international awareness and excellent analytical abilities?



Do you see yourself as an influencer and someone who can lead and direct others in order to accomplish a goal?



Are you a skilled communicator with an artistic flair and interested in diving into data? Are you a leader, self-motivated, but also love working with a diverse team?

medical records

Medical Records Biller & Coder

Are you interested in a career in a growing field? Would you like to learn the most up-to-date patient-record technology in the medical field? Do you enjoy being in an office environment?

software developer

Software Developer

Do you want to know how your software works? Want to learn how computer programs and mobile applications are created from development to production?

sports event management

Sports Event Management

Are you organized, creative, and like to lead people? Are you interested in sports culture and like to plan events for others?

unsure career


Still uncertain what career path fits you? Gateway provides career assessment through YouScience. A 90-minute, take-at-your-pace assessment will help you learn about the careers that fit your skills and helps you understand how to best describe your skills.