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Do you want to be a Medical Records Biller & Coder?

Are you interested in a career in a growing field? Would you like to learn the most up-to-date patient-record technology in the medical field? Do you enjoy being in an office environment?

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A medical records technician (also known as a health information technician) is an administrative job that primarily involves tasks such as record-keeping in a medical office setting. This person keeps patient records updated and complies with healthcare coding system standards.

How to Become a Medical Records Coding Technician

Entry-level positions in medical records and health information typically require an associate degree. A starting point for students interested in eventually pursuing an associate degree in health information technology is the HIT Coding Certificate. 

Here's Your Starting Point!

Semester One:

  • AHS 115: Medical Terminology
  • BIO 135: Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • HIT 100: Introduction to Health Information Technology
  • HIT 110: Legal & Ethical Issues in Health Information

Congrats, you’ve completed the Release of Data Specialist Certificate!

Semester Two:

  • HIT 105: Pathophysiology/Pharmacology for Health Information Professionals
  • HIT 109: Clinical Classification Systems I
  • HIT 112: Reimbursement Methodologies

Semester Three:

  • HIT 202: Clinical Classification Systems II
  • HIT 207: Clinical Classification Systems III
  • HIT 2151: Clinical Practicum I


Build Upon This and Pursue More

The Associate in Applied Science in Health Information Technology puts you on the path to advanced career opportunities in the field of health information management and medical coding.

Semester Four:

  • OST105: Introduction to Office Systems Technology
  • ENG101: Writing I 
  • MAT110: Applied Mathematics

Semester Five:

  • CIT130: Productivity Software
  • HIT200: Information Systems in Healthcare
  • HIT205: Quality Management and Process Improvement
  • HIT211: Health Care Management and Statistics

Semester Six:

  • HIT2152: Clinical Practicum II 
  • PHI110: Medical Ethics
  • PSY110: General Psychology

Take it a step futher

Once you’ve completed the Associate in Applied Science in Health Information Technology, you could transfer to a four-year college or university and pursue health science or health management! Check out our partner schools! 

Check out our partner schools!

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