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Do you want to be a Computer Scientist or Data Scientist?

Are you highly analytical, goal-oriented, and interested in process improvement? Do you like working with computers and excel working by yourself or in a team setting?

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On the job, computer scientists use technology to solve problems and prepare for the future. They also write and program software to create applications. Their primary focus, however, is to validate and develop models for interaction between people and computers or software and devices.

How to Become a Computer Scientist or Data Scientist

Programming roles vary in their entry-level qualifications, but most analyst jobs will require at least bachelor’s degree. A starting point for students interested in eventually pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science is the Programmer Certificate. 

Here's Your Starting Point!

Semester One:

  • CIT105: Introduction to Computers
  • MAT 171: Pre-Calculus 
  • FYE 105: Achieving Academic Success
  • ENG101: Writing I

Semester Two:

  • CIT149: Java I
  • CIT170: Database Design Fundamentals
  • CIT120: Elementary Programming
  • MAT175: Calculus I

Semester Three:

  • CIT249: Java II
  • CIT171: SQL I
  • ENG102: Writing II
  • MAT185: Calculus II

Build Upon This and Pursue More

The Associate in Science degree puts you on the path to a bachelor’s degree in computer science. You will complete your required General Education coursework and pre-major coursework. Work with your academic advisor to choose the right electives for wherever you want to transfer! Below is one way you could complete the Associate in Science degree after completing the Programmer Certificate.

Semester Four:

  • PHI 150: Business Ethics 
  • PSY 110: General Psychology

Semester Five:

  • MAT275: Calculus III
  • COM 181: Basic Public Speaking
  • CHE120: Chemistry in Society
  • CIT155: Web Page Development 

Semester Six:

  • BIO 112: Introduction to Biology
  • BIO 113: Introduction to Biology Laboratory
  • ECO201: Principles of Microeconomics
  • CIT238: Android Programming
  • HIS101: World Civilization I

Take It A Step Further

Once you’ve completed the Associate in Science and pre-major coursework, you’re ready to transfer to the four-year college or university of your choice!

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