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Do you want to be a Help Desk Professional?

Do you have a passion and talent for technology and enjoy sharing it with others? Want to be in a career with the opportunity to advance and tailor your talent to current and emerging technologies?

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As a Help Desk Professional, you will be in the position to help others and share your passion and talent for technology. This career will also let you tailor and advance your talent to current and new technology.

How to Become a Help Desk Professional

At Gateway, the best path is to pursue the Computer Tech Basics Certificate. This certificate includes 11 credits and  can be completed online. 

You'll learn basic competencies in computer Information Technology and be prepared for a natural profession of classes required for the Associate in Applied Science degree. 

Don't need a degree? This certificate will give you a way to demonstrate your level of computer proficiency. It will also prepare you for the CompTIA A+ and Net+ certification exams, which are recognized by the computer industry around the world. 

Here's Your Starting Point!

Semester One:

  • CIT 105: Introduction to Computers (or the IC3 Examination)
  • MAT 061: Foundation of College Algebra (if needed).

Semester Two:

  • CIT 111: Computer Hardware and Software
  • CIT 160: Introduction to Network Concepts

Build Upon This and Pursue More

With the CIT Fundamentals Certificate, you'll build upon your knowledge of basic computer competencies and advance more toward completing the Associate in Applied Science. It'll also give you a further way of demonstrating your level of computer proficiency without the degree.

This certificate includes 23 credits and can be completed online.

Semester Three:
  • CIT 120: Computational Thinking
  • CIT 170: Database Design Fundamental
Semester Four:
  • CIT 149: Java I OR CIT 144: Python 1
  • CIT 180: Security Fundamentals

Take It A Step Further

With the Microsoft Network Administrator Certificate, you'll learn the core skills that students need to effectively build and maintain computer networks. This certificate also provides a way for professionals currently in the industry to update their computer networking skills and for new students to show progress in the CIT program. 

This certificate includes 19 credits and can be completed online.

Semester Five:

  • CIT 213: Microsoft Client Configuration
  • CIT 217: Unix/Linus
  • CIT 261: Microsoft Active Directory

Semester Six:

  • CIT 262: Microsoft Server Infrastructure
  • CIT 264: Microsoft Server Management

Get Started Now

Apply to Gateway to get enrolled and started on your new career. Or contact the CIT Program Coordinator for more information and see the other CIT Certificate Options.

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