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Peer Mentoring

Gateway's Peer Mentors keep it R.E.A.L by providing,

  • Resources
  • Empowerment
  • Advocacy
  • Leadership

Peer Mentors will have a wide variety of resources at their fingertips that they can share with their mentees. Examples of those resources include: how to apply for SNAP benefits, housing applications, scholarship information, and workshops.

Peer Mentors will empower their mentees by encouraging their success, help mentees find their passion, actively listen, be the mentees biggest supporter, and be patient, kind, and respectful.

Peer Mentors will advocate for their mentees by attending community partner meetings, and acting as the voice of the mentee and the REAL Mentoring Program when needed.

Peer Mentors will lead workshops, facilitate small groups, and be a positive influence to both their mentees and in the community.

A mentor is not a crutch, a professor, or a parent. A mentor is a listener, a cheerleader, and a friend. As a mentor, you will have the chance to share your knowledge and form a bond with students. You will be just one more thing that keeps them connected to school and on their chosen path.

A Mentor is:

  • Confidential: I will respect the information my mentees or instructors share
  • Respectful: I will respect faculty, staff, my fellow mentors, and my mentees!
  • A Resource: I will recognize my limitations and refer students appropriately
  • Receptive: I will be open to new ideas and attend training
  • Growing: I will see this as an opportunity to help myself learn and develop
  • Independent: I will support my mentees but encourage their independence

Qualifications to be a R.E.A.L. Peer Mentor

  • GPA 2.5 or higher
  • At least 12 credit hours completed (including developmental hours)
  • Knowledge needed in community resources and Gateway Community & Technical College resources
  • Basic computer skills
  • Please note that you may be at various campuses. Prepare to be flexible!

How to contact us:

Phone: (859) 815-7258