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Student Success Emergency Fund

The Student Success Emergency Fund was developed to assist students in immediate need, without viable resources to meet current barriers. This fund is not meant to provide students with ongoing assistance, or assistance that is otherwise available through local, state and federal resources. This fund is to be used for true emergencies related to the following: housing, food, transportation, child care (without vouchers), school supplies (without awarded financial aid), utilities, and documented medical need. Authorized counseling staff are charged with making the final decision as to whether or not the presenting factors meet assistance criteria. 

  • Funds are given one time only per academic year. However, if an emergency warrants additional funds counseling staff will make determinations.
  • Student must submit the Student Emergency Agency form.
  • Students may be asked to provide documentation.
  • Students must be considered at least part time.
  • Students are expected to repay funds when federal aid is received or the beginning of the next semester. All repayments must be made to Gateway's Foundation (Boone Campus).
  • All requests and decisions are considered confidential-however, students will be asked to sign a release giving specified person(s) permission to speak with any and all parties necessary to ensure the successful completion of this transaction.
  • Funds are paid directly to service providers and may not be used to pay for fees associated with: legal services, court costs, and child-support obligations.
  • Please allow up to 72 hours for the pre-approval process and/or payment process.

If you are interested in the student success emergency fund, please complete the form below. Someone from our department will contact you soon! 

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