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Office Of Financial Aid

Applying for Federal Financial Aid

  1. Apply for your FSA ID. This FSA ID allows you (and a parent, if applicable) to e-sign (electronically sign) the FAFSA and other important applications.
    Note: If you are a dependent student (or must report a parent's tax information on the FAFSA),your parent must apply for a separate PIN. Both you and your parent will need to e-sign the FAFSA.
  2. Once your FSA ID has been confirmed, complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
  3. On the FAFSA website, click on Start a New FAFSA. Then you will choose which FAFSA you should complete.
    • The 2018-19 Award Year includes Fall 2018, Spring 2019 and Summer 2019.
    • The 2019-20 Award Year includes Fall 2019, Spring 2020 and Summer 2020.  

The FAFSA will ask you to provide federal school codes for all schools you want your FAFSA information sent to. Gateway's Federal School Code is: 013753.

It generally takes 3-5 business days for us to receive your FAFSA information from the Department of Education; you should review your To Do List on Student Self-Service for further instructions or if any additional documentation is needed.

Priority Dates for Financial Aid Documentation

Priority dates for submission of FAFSA and/or financial aid documentation are the recommended dates for submitting requested documentation to the financial aid office. The dates are set to allow appropriate time for review and processing prior to term start dates. There is no guarantee that all processing will be completed by the term start date as there are a variety of items to be reviewed. Submission of documents may continue after the priority dates listed. However, after the priority dates, students may wish to discuss payment arrangements with the Business Office.

After review of submitted documents, additional documentation may be required to correct conflicting information. Notice of additional documentation is sent through Gateway email and/or mail to home address in college record.


Spring 2019 (2018-19 FAFSA)

  • December 3 - Priority Date for all requested documentation for January 14 start date: Session 1 (16 week) and M03 (1st 8 week term)
  • January 21 - Priority date for all requested documentation for February 11 start date for 12 week term (M02)
  • February 25 - Priority date all requested documentation for March 18 start date for 2nd 8 week term (M04)

Summer 2019 (2018-19 FAFSA)

  • April 29 - Priority date for all requested documentation for May 20 start date for 1st 5 week term (M04)
  • May 13 - Priority date for all requested documentation for June 3 start date for Summer 8 week term (M03)
  • June 3 - Priority date for all requested documentation for June 24 start date for 2nd 5 week term (M04)


If you have questions please contact us or call 1-855-3GO-GCTC (1-855-346-4282).