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Academic Plan of Action

When a student is not meeting Standards of Academic Progress (SAP), part of the Appeal process requires the completion of and adherence to an Academic Plan of Action (PLOA).

For students who are failing the maximum time frame standard, a Plan of Action is required to be completed and approved by both the academic advisor and the student before the SAP Appeal will be reviewed. For students who are meeting maximum time frame but are failing the GPA and/or completion rate standard(s), they will need to work with their academic advisor to complete a PLOA after the appeal is reviewed and tentatively approved. No aid can be disbursed until a completed PLOA is returned to the Financial Aid Office with the electronic approval of both the advisor and the student.

The PLOA will be initiated by an email sent from the Office of Financial Aid when a SAP appeal has been submitted (MTF) or approved (Completion Rate & GPA). An email will be sent to the advisor first. Once the advisor and the student have agreed to the terms of the PLOA, the advisor will submit the PLOA, generating an email to the student. The student will review and approve, and when they submit the form, it will be routed back to the Financial Aid Office.

Once this plan is developed and agreed upon, the student must also electronically sign the PLOA. The student should complete the PLOA in the time frame permitted. The student cannot receive federal financial assistance without this document. If the PLOA is not completed and approved by the advisor and the student before the end of the semester, the student will not be eligible for financial aid for that semester.

The Plan of Action becomes an agreement between the student financial aid office. The student’s performance will be reviewed at the end of the semester. In order to have met the terms of their Appeal, they must have met or exceeded the GPA and completion rate as required and only enrolled in classes agreed to on their PLOA.

If you have questions concerning the SAP policy, the policy is located here.