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Academic Plan of Action

Federal regulations require the institution to establish an Academic Plan-of-Action (PLOA) for students who have failed to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards as defined by the institution.

Gateway policy states that a student must be completing 67% of attempted coursework (transfer hours, incomplete hours, failures, withdrawals, etc. count as attempted) and maintain a 2.00 cumulative GPA to receive federal financial aid. A student must also complete the declared program within 150% of the advertised timeframe (ex: 90 credits to complete a 60 credit hour program).   

Please work with the student to develop a planned curriculum to ensure that they have a realistic academic plan and that the coursework listed is required for the student’s declared program. Begin the plan with the term for which the appeal is approved. Once this plan is developed and agreed upon, the student must sign and date the PLOA. The student should complete the PLOA in the time frame permitted.  The student cannot receive federal financial assistance without this document. If you have questions concerning the SAP policy, the policy is located here.

The PLOA will be initiated by an email from the FA office once a SAP appeal has been submitted (MTF) or approved (Comp. Rate & GPA).