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Gateway Loan Request Instructions

If you are enrolled in at least 6 program applicable credit hours for the semester and you are eligible for federal financial aid, you may choose to borrow a student loan for the upcoming year. You must request the loan amount through the link on your student self-service. See pictures below. If you decide later you need an additional amount, the Additional Loan Request link is on the Student Center panel.

Student Self Service: Financial Aid tile on the left and FA Loan Request sidebar link on the right

As you consider whether to borrow or how much you would like to borrow for the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024, please consider the following facts:

As the name implies, this is a loan that must be repaid. Please consider borrowing only the amount you need to meet your educationally related expenses. The less you borrow while a student, the less you will have to repay when you are no longer in school. You should keep in mind the earning potential for your chosen major. It is important to consider interest rates and loan fees on federal direct student loans before you decide to borrow.

  1. Any amount you borrow will be split evenly between Fall and Spring. If you request $1,000, you will receive $500 less fees in the Fall and $500 less fees in the Spring. Please consider this information as you decide how much to request.
  2. The Loan Request link may allow you to request a greater amount than you are eligible to borrow. The chart below will show you the maximum annual loan amount for students by dependency status and grade level. In addition, a student who is receiving state or federal grants, federal work study, scholarships, third party payments, etc., may receive a lesser amount than the chart indicates. Each student has an estimated Cost of Attendance and his or her total aid cannot exceed that amount.
Maximum annual loan amount
Dependency Status Freshman (0-29Hours Earned) Sophomore (30 or more Hours Earned)
Independent Student $9,500 $10,500
Dependent Student $5,500 $6,500

Direct Loan information

If you have requested and then been offered and you are a first-time borrower of a Federal Direct Student Loan, you must complete Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note (MPN).

Complete the Entrance Interview Online

Be sure to have your US Department of Education FSA ID available

  • Go to Federal Student Aid Entrance Counseling.
  • Under the Heading “I am an Undergraduate Student” click on Log In To Start.
  • Enter your FSAID and password (the one you used to complete your FAFSA).
  • Verify your personal information.
  • Follow the online instructions.
  • Print the confirmation page for your records.

Steps to Signing Your Master Promissory Note Electronically

Be sure to have your US Department of Education FSA ID available.

  • Log on to:
  • Under the tab for “I’m an Undergraduate Student” click on Start.
  • Enter your identifying information.
  • Verify your personal information.
  • Follow the online instructions to successfully complete the eSign process.
  • Print and retain a copy of your MPN for your records.