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Local Transfer Agreements and Guides

Considering transferring to a university after graduating from GCTC?

For students interested in the field of mortuary science, we have an articulation agreement and pathway with the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. This allows you to complete an Associate in Arts degree at Gateway and transfer into the program at CCMS for a Bachelor’s in Mortuary Science.

In 2023, an agreement was signed between Gateway and God’s Bible School and College in Cincinnati that allows students to start at GBSC and then transfer to Gateway in their second year into a technical degree program. Current pathways include Diesel Technology, HVAC Technology, and Welding Technology. Links to the agreement and specific pathways will be updated shortly.

We are working closely with UC to develop program-specific pathways into majors and programs at UC. This is in addition to the KCTCS articulation agreement we have in place with UC.

Current Pathways: