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Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection

About The Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection

The Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection (GC3) taps the collective power of 18 higher education institutions in Greater Cincinnati to strengthen every aspect of our regional economy, culture and quality of life. Through cross-registration and other programs, GC3 members serve more than 138,000 students and their families, helping every student – of every age, ability and aspiration – discover the spark that drives their personal success and achievement. 

Gateway Course Registration Process Using GC3

The following steps will allow you to sign up for classes at any of our partner schools in the GC3:

  1. Meet with your professional or faculty advisor to complete the GC3 Advising Processing Form and identify the course(s) that could apply to your program from a host school
  2. Take the Advising Processing Form to either our Transfer Services (Edgewood Campus, NAHSC Office 128) or the Registrar's Office (Edgewood Campus, Information Commons) to complete and sign the GC3 Cross Registration Form and to receive the Consortium Financial Aid Form
  3. Take Cross Registration Form and Consortium Financial Aid Form to host school (school where you will take the GC3 classes) to be completed
  4. Host School should return a copy of Cross Registration Form to Gateway for verification and provide you a copy as well
  5. Return completed Consortium Financial Aid Form to the Information Commons or Financial Aid at any of our campuses.

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