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Student Loan Repayment Information

Student Loan Information

At the, you can access your student loan information using your FSA ID.

Income Based Repayment Plan will tell you all about the Income Based Repayment Plan Options.

Understanding Your Repayment Options

You have options when it comes to repaying your loans! This website includes a repayment estimator and a description of the many repayment plans.

Repaying Loans

Having trouble repaying your loans? This website covers deferments, forbearances, loan forgiveness, and much more.

Avoiding Default

Don't ruin your credit! There are steps you can take to repay your federal student loan successfully and avoid going into default.

Getting Out Of Default

Don't get discouraged if you are in default! Options for getting out of default include loan repayment, loan rehabilitation, and loan consolidation.   

Gateway and KHEAA are working together to help you.  For more information, call KHEAA at 800-564-6068.