Gender & Sexuality Alliance of Gateway | GCTC

Gender & Sexuality Alliance of Gateway

The Gender & Sexuality Alliance of Gateway (GSAG) serves as a safe space on our campus for LGBTQIA+ students and allies. We raise awareness that affects the LGBTQIA+ community and plan events and projects to support this community. 

Who can join?

GSAG is accepting family to honor all of you. All Gateway students are welcome.  The club supports all students on the gender and sexuality expression.  The club goal is to be a safe space for all.  If you want to become active on their campus & community, join us. 

What do we do?

GSAG will host activities and programs that fall within the DEI principles educate, embrace, and encourage.  Activities could include:

  • Participating in DEI events
  • Coming out programs
  • Support Circles
  • Community activism
  • Volunteer work
  • Fundraising activities
  • Membership drives

Meeting Times

We meet in the DEI Center on the Edgewood Campus in E213. We rotate meeting locations to Boone and Urban TIE campuses. We offer an option to meet with us via TEAMS. 

Have a program suggestion, question on membership, meetings, or activities?

For more information, contact DEI Center at or (859) 442-4121.