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Donovan Scholar Tuition Waiver

Donovan Scholarships are available for lifelong learners, Kentucky residents age 65 and over, to attend college for free.

  • Submit a copy of your Driver’s License in order for the waiver to be applied.
  • The wavier is for tuition only and does not cover books or digital fees.

Below are your next steps.

KRS 164.284 Waiver of tuition and fees for person sixty-five or older -- Conditions. (1)
When any person sixty-five (65) years of age or older, who is a resident of the Commonwealth, is admitted and enrolls as a student in any state-supported institution of higher learning in this Commonwealth, the board of trustees of the institution or other appropriate institution officials shall waive all tuition charges and fees for such student, except as provided in subsection (2) of this section. (2) In the event that classes are full or the granting of free admission requires additional units, the institution may deny admission under this section. History: Created 1976 Ky. Acts ch. 319, sec. 1.