Dropping and Adding Classes

Adding Classes

The Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) makes choosing classes easier than ever!  Use your SMART Plan to find required courses and catalog info, that way, you only take classes you need. Then, choose your classes by Signing into Visual Schedule Builder using these directions.  Contact your Academic Advisor if you have questions.

Dropping Classes

Dropping a class(es) may impact your academic progress and your financial aid. Refer to the academic calendar for dates that impact the drop process. If you find it necessary to drop a class (or all your classes), you must submit Drop form. Failure to do so will result in an E (failing) grade for the course(s) in question. If you are taking online classes through another KCTCS college, you may find they are not on the same academic calendar as Gateway. You will need to check the course syllabus and the delivering college‚Äôs academic calendar before dropping or adding a class.

Submit an online drop form

  1. Log on to your Student Self-Service
  2. Click on the Academic Records Tile
    academic records button
  3. Select Withdraw/Drop Request form
  4. Complete form as directed
  5. Watch your KCTCS email for updates/confirmation of the drop.