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Allied Healthcare Hub

Are you interested in the healthcare field but unsure what you would like to do?

Consider taking a course at the Allied Healthcare Hub through Gateway Community & Technical College. Courses are available to introduce you to the healthcare field and may guide you to choose and pursue your area of interest. 

Where is it?    

Gateway Community & Technical College, Urban Metro Campus

What will I study?

Introduces delivery/management of health care including professionalism, health care roles, health delivery models, and types of health care coverage. Explores legal/ethical issues (HIPAA and confidentiality), electronic medical records, patient rights, and analysis of current trends in health care.

Provides knowledge and skills for nurse aides to assume the role and responsibility required in a long-term care setting. The focus is communication, infection control, safety, resident/patient rights, and basic nursing skills *Must be at least 16 years of age.
A study of anatomical, physiological, and pathological terminology with emphasis on work structures and definition of root words, suffixes, and prefixes from Greek and Latin. Additional emphasis is placed on spelling and pronunciation. Primarily designed for individuals preparing for a career in health care.

Introduces examination/application of major ethical theories to specific moral questions related to health care.

How does this work?

  • You will dual-enroll with Gateway (as a college student) for two semesters.
  • Complete four healthcare training programs (two per semester)
  • Complete both academic and hands-on training under the supervision of a licensed nurse

What benefit is it me?

  • School & College credits for attending Gateway.
  • Free travel on the TANK buses for the whole school year

  • Boost your resume - you completed college courses and earned certifications.
  • Expand your employment options – you will be a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)
  • Increased employment opportunities that may offer tuition reimbursement. 
  • Internship with a Healthcare company

Next steps:  

Let your career counsellor know that you are interested, and we can get you signed up

For further info, please contact Shelby Krentz (Gateway) shelby.krentz@kctcs.edu or Lorraine O’Moore (NaviGo) lomoore@learning-grove.org