Academic Affairs Organizational Chart | GCTC

Academic Affairs Organizational Chart

Dr. Teri VonHandorf

Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs

  • Academic Affairs
    • Joe Moffett
      Dean of Arts and Sciences
      • Chris Rickels
        Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences
      • Chris Russey
        Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences
    • Dr. Amy Carrino
      Dean of Business, Information Technology & Professional Studies
    • Amber Carter
      Dean of Health Professions
      • Dr. Meredith Ramler
        Assistant Dean of Health Professions/Human Services Program Coordinator
      • Michele Simms
        Director of Nursing/Associate Dean of Health Professions
    • Sam Collier
      Dean of Manufacturing & Transportation Technology
  • Admissions
    • Andre Washington
      Associate Vice President, Enrollment
      • Shelby Krentz
        Director of Early College Initiatives
      • Ann Schultz
        Director, Student Records Department
      • Erica Clayton
        Director of Admissions
  • Academic Services
    • Doug Penix
      Associate Vice President, Academic Services
      • Jennifer Jones
        Director of Academic Advising
      • Peg Russell
        Director of Adult Education
      • Elizabeth Goodman
        Director of Library & Information Services
      • Steve McGuire
        Senior Instructional Designer/Developer
      • Rebecca Tuemler
        Information Commons/Coordinator Credit for Prior Learning
  • Workforce Solutions
    • Christi Godman
      Associate Vice President, Workforce Solutions
      • Paula Barnes
        Workforce Development Liaison/Project Manager
      • Caitlin Fugate
        Apprenticeship Project Manager
      • Ressie Hall
        Manager Business Operations, Workforce Solutions
      • Jennifer Hammons
        Manager of Continuing Education and Community Services
      • Dina Shields
        Workforce Training Project Manager
  • Nicole Stout
    Senior Administrative Assistant