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Student Achievement

Institutions accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) are obligated to provide to its students, constituents, and the public, information about its goals for student achievement and student success in achieving those goals. Student success information may include data on retention, graduation rate, credentials awarded, graduates, and other measures of student success appropriate to the College's mission.

Gateway Community & Technical College identifies the measures below for student achievement. Each measure includes the most recent data available, a definition of the measure, and the data source. Goals are determined by Gateway Community & Technical College leadership. Progress toward goal attainment is regularly reviewed.

Fall to Fall Retention Rate
2019-2020 61.40%
2020-2021 58.90%
2021-2022 64.10%
2022-2023 64.10%
GOAL: 2026-2027 62.0%

Definition: Fall-to-Fall retention rates of first-time, credential seeking students.

Source: CPE Official data

Credentials Awarded
Academic Year Number of Credentials Awarded
2019-2020 2,893
2020-2021 2,876
2021-2022 3,188
2022-2023 3,246
GOAL: 2025-2026 3,656

Definition: Annual count of total credentials (associate degrees, certificates and diplomas) awarded

Source: Official data as reported to Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE)

Associate Degrees Awarded
Academic Year Number of Associate Degrees Awarded
2019-2020 508
2020-2021 589
2021-2022 543
2022-2023 633
GOAL: 2025-2026 820

Definition: Annual count of total associate degrees awarded.

Source: Official data as reported to Council on Postsecondary Education

Targeted Industry Sector Credentials
Academic Year Number of Credentials Awarded
2019-2020 2,539
2020-2021 2,489
2021-2022 2,887
2022-2023 2,866
GOAL: 2025-2026 3,312

Definition: Credentials awarded in programs aligned with jobs in targeted industry sectors (Healthcare; Manufacturing; Transportation; Distribution & Logistics; Information Technology, Business, and Finance; and Construction).

Source: CPE Official Data

High Wage/High Demand Completions
Academic Year Number of High Wage/High Demand Completions
2019-2020 993
2020-2021 986
2021-2022 745
2022-2023 1,086
GOAL: 2025-2026 1,157

Definition: Number of unduplicated credentials in programs cross walked to a high wage, high demand occupation.

Source: Council on Postsecondary Education Official, Kentucky Occupational Outlook, Occupational Wages (OES) extracted from, and the National Crosswalk Service Center

IPEDS Graduation Rate
Academic Year IPEDS Graduation Rate
2019-2020 46.60%
2020-2021 56.40%
2021-2022 46.20%
2022-2023 49.00%
GOAL: 2025-2026 57.40%

Definition: This rate is calculated as the total number of completers within 150% of normal time divided by the revised adjusted cohort.

Source: As reported to IPEDS by KCTCS

Number of Transfers
Academic Year Number of Transfers
2019-2020 895
2020-2021 973
2021-2022 968
2022-2023 984
GOAL: 2025-2026 1,197

Definition: Students enrolled at KCTCS in the prior academic year who enrolled at a four-year institution between their last enrollment at KCTCS through June 30th of the following academic year.

Source: National Student Clearinghouse; CPE Official data

Associate in Arts/Associate in Science Transfers within 1 Year
Academic Year Number of AA/AS Transfers within 1 Year
2019-2020 60.5%
2020-2021 63.6%
2021-2022 63.9%
2022-2023 65.0%
GOAL: 2025-2026 68.2%

Definition: The percent of Associate earners in an academic year who enrolled at a four-year institution that academic year after the semester end date of the semester the first Associate was or in the next academic year.

Source: CPE Official data