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Junior ROTC Program – Marine Corps (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps)

What is it?

The (Junior) Reserve Officers' Training Corps is a military-regulated program that offers high school students leadership experiences, motivating them to become better citizens.  

"The concept of Junior ROTC is very much about preparing students for making good choices and getting prepared for what is next after high school," said Major Paul Wilson, a retired Marine who has led the Holmes program for nine years. "Even if they only do one year, they have the desire to perform, they will become more organized, more capable, and more mentally aware for a better GPA 

Note: There is no military obligation for Junior ROTC cadets

Where is it?

Holmes High School, Covington

What will I do?

  • You will go to Holmes HS to participate in the program
  • You will wear the military uniform when in the program
  • You will partake in physical fitness training, drill and rifle instruction, among other activities
  • You will learn about financial management, health, and nutrition
  • You will compete with other Junior ROTC programs
  • You will complete community service projects 

What benefit is it to me?

  • Earn school credits
  • Boost your resume
  • Build your confidence
  • Compete in competitions for drill, fitness, the rifle team, and the academic team
  • Enlist in the military with a promotion (if you complete 2+ years of the program)

Next steps:

Let your career counsellor know that you are interested, and we can get you signed up

For further information, please contact Lorraine O’Moore on (513) 399-1967 or via email to lomoore@learning-grove.org