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Online Learning

Welcome to online learning at Gateway!

If you've never taken an online class, or if your looking for some tips and tricks to keep you on track, you'll find resources to help you here.

quick start

All Gateway Online courses follow a similar template. This video gives a tour of a fully online course.

Get Help

This video shows a quick introduction to Blackboard including how to access Blackboard, how to access your courses, and how to get help.

Review this quick how-to video to learn how to access the Blackboard Learning Management System.

This video shows the base navigation of Blackboard including where to find your courses.

As a KCTCS Student, you have access to many resources. MyPath is a great place to start. For account issues, visit the User Account Center at

There are many resources available to all KCTCS Students. This video shows where you can get started.

All KCTCS Students can download Office to their Windows PC or MacOS device. This video shows you how.

Download Microsoft Office here.

Some courses have documents available as PDFs. If your computer does not have a built-in PDF reader, this video shows you how to download the software.

Participation is important in all classes – online included! This video shows how you can participate in your online course.

Blackboard Collaborate is a web conferencing tool built into all Blackboard shells. If your class uses this software, this video will help you get started.

This video takes a closer look at participating in discussion boards.

Online classes require you to submit work through a few different avenues. Here’s a video that covers submitting work to Blackboard.

If you use a Chromebook or a public computer, you may need to submit work from a Web App like Office 365. This video shows some tips on how to do so correctly.

This video from Blackboard shows how to check your grades.

This video shows how to set up and personalize your notification settings within Blackboard.

The Blackboard Ally Tool allows you to download alternative files for items within your Blackboard course. These videos show how to utilize this tool.

Some courses utilize content from a textbook publisher. The three primary publishers are Cengage, McGraw Hill, and Pearson. For assistance with these publishers, please use the links below.


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