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College Level Examination Programs (CLEP) Exam Credit

Advance Placement

What Are CLEP Exams?

CLEP exams, developed by the College Board, test mastery of college-level material learned in a variety of ways - through general academic instruction such as classes, significant independent study, or extracurricular work. Much like AP exams, CLEP exams can provide the opportunity to gain advanced placement in academic programs. The level of proficiency to earn credit through CLEP is approximately equivalent to that required to earn a "C" in a course.

More information and list of exams available can be found at the College Board website. Students should visit the website to ensure the test they want to take is still being offered. Registration for each test is handed through the CLEP website.

How Can I Earn CLEP Credit?

Gateway accepts the General and Subject Examinations of the CLEP program. Subject Examinations cover specific material that is common to courses in many colleges and universities, and KCTCS grants credit for a specified performance level in five General Education areas as well as Subject Examinations in specific programs.

The examinations all require an American College of Education (ACE) recommended minimum score of 50 for credit to be awarded at a KCTCS college, unless a higher score is specified in the table below.

Guidelines for CLEP Credit

Students shall be awarded CLEP credit according to the following guidelines:

Yellow graph detailing available CLEP exams and their corresponding credit equivalencies


Is There a Cost for CLEP Exam Credit?

The fee for each CLEP exam is $80 (subject to change), and any cost for the CLEP exam will be paid by the student. There is no cost for awarding CLEP credit at Gateway.