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IC3 Computer Literacy Exam

The KCTCS Computer Literacy Exam is available for interested students. KCTCS uses Certiport IC3 exam to determine computer literacy, which is one of the requirements necessary for a KCTCS diploma or degree.

The IC3 exam consists of three tests in one package. To be fully certified, all three exams must be passed with a minimum of 70 percent. This applies to both the nationally recognized IC3 certification and the KCTCS computer literacy competency. Vouchers for the exam may be purchased at the Gateway Bookstore.

You may take the exam twice within seven days. After that, you may take the test two more times in seven days for a total of four attempts. You do not have to take any of the portions that you have passed.

Student can receive three credit hours for successful completion of the IC3 Exam and the MOS Access Exam.

There is a one-time $25 proctoring fee that will be collected. If you want to schedule the IC3 Exams, have additional questions, or need a form, call the Testing Center at (859) 442-1161.