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Student Stories


My degree in Business Management that I earned at Gateway has helped me succeed in my professional career after graduation.


Business Management

Our Students have stories to tell

Our students have traveled many paths on their journey to a better life through education. Watch them tell their stories in their own words and be inspired to find your better life.

viviane johnson

Viviane Johnson

When I think of Gateway and what it has done for my education and life, I’m so grateful. For years, I have noticed a continuing stigma surrounding community college, but Gateway has changed the narrative and continues to pave the way for students, like myself, to believe in their abilities and succeed in and out of the classroom. I earned skills and knowledge at a cheaper cost and gained incredible experience that is marketable in the workforce.

sean hill

Sean Hill

I applied to the NKYFAME and Gateway program to expand my skill set and increase my long-term job opportunities. Gateway and NKYFAME will help me achieve my goals with their varied manufacturing classes emphasizing practical applications within the manufacturing environment. My career goal is to combine my education and experience adding value to the company I am working for. I want to create opportunities with the knowledge gained at Gateway, improving myself and my organization.

taylor stewart

Taylor Stewart

In high school, I took online courses at Gateway. When I graduated, I had already earned a year of college credit. I went on to complete my second year at Gateway and earned my Associate of Science in Business Management. From there, I transferred 100% of my credits to the University of Kentucky and completed my Bachelors of Business Administration in Management. I was able to get ahead financially, progress professionally, and grow personally.

kelly perry

Kelly Perry

I was unable to complete my college education when I was younger, due to a variety of circumstances and life choices. When the opportunity to return to school came, I chose Gateway because it was local and affordable. Smaller classes allow students to have more access to the instructors. There is an overall sense of community and camaraderie among the students, instructors, and staff.

noah braden

Noah Braden

I enrolled in college having no clear direction for my career. Gateway and their professors taught and mentored me, helping me find my own path forward.

Tess Burns

Tess Burns

After graduating from Gateway I went on to get my Bachelor’s degree at NKU, then my Master’s degree at UofL. My heart will always be a part of the Gateway community. I learned so much while I was there. I now own my own business and am getting ready to open a second business in the same hometown where I went to college.