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Wellness Wednesdays at Gateway

The Gateway Healthy Place to Work and Learn team will kick off Wellness Wednesdays on Wednesday, January 22.

Wellness Wednesdays will include:

The Resource Table:

  • The resource table will rotate to each campus site and include resources for employees and students; promoting healthy lifestyles and awareness. Guest speakers will occasionally be invited to attend and provide additional resources, material and discussion.
  • The resource table event will kick off Wednesday, February 5 at Edgewood

Walking Wednesdays :
A walk around each campus location; inside during the cold months and outside when the warmer weather returns! Following is information for each campus location:

Edgewood Campus

Edgewood walkers will be led by Judie Hontas. Their Wednesday walks will begin at 12:15 12:45 p.m. A mile walk has been mapped out and if done at a brisk pace, can be accomplished in 7-10 minutes. A mile can be accomplished in 20 minutes at a brisk pace. Routes will be available for those walkers who want to walk less and at different times. The first Edgewood walk will kick off on Wednesday, January 22. Walkers are encouraged to arrive at 12 p.m. and learn how to take/check their heart/pulse rate before walking.

Boone Campus

Boone walkers will be led by Phyllis Yeager. The first Boonewalk will kick off Wednesday, January 29. Walkers will meet in the Boone/Cam building 1st floor foyer