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Fundraising Initiatives

person stocking food pantry

Food for Thought Pantry

No student should have to go hungry. That’s why the Gateway Foundation provides funds to our Food for Thought Pantry. The food pantry helps students in immediate need, regardless of income and household size.

student looking in mirror with cap and gown

Student Emergency Fund

Sometimes students just need extra support along their journey to a better life, which is why providing assistance to students in crisis situations can enhance our community. The Gateway Foundation funds the Student Success Emergency Fund, which helps students overcome financial barriers that put them at risk of dropping out.

student working with instructor to be prepared for career

Student Career Center

As a Higher Education institution, our primary purpose is to help our student develop the skills they need to become employed. Since getting students employed is central to our mission, it would reason that a career services center would be one of the most prominent departments on campus. Currently, Gateway does not have a center or an individual to direct career services functions. We are currently fundraising to make this possible.

teacher playing with child

Childcare Center

Childcare has been identified as a significant need for our students. Students taking daytime classes at any of Gateway’s three campuses can utilize free childcare offered at our Edgewood campus.

student at computer

Student Ambassador Program

Gateway is hoping to raise money to fund a Student Ambassadors program. The Student Ambassador Program would be an opportunity for exceptional students to become role models for other students and create a positive campus atmosphere. These students would encourage potential students to enroll at Gateway and get current students excited to be on campus.



Scholarships at Gateway are more flexible than those found at many four-year institutions to reflect the needs of our student population. Gateway scholarships allows students to pay for books and tuition, but also tests, specialized equipment, and in some cases, even food and emergency expenses. Our scholarships are designed to help students get what they need to be successful in their academic careers, not just to help pay for them to be in the classroom.