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Fundraising Initiatives

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Food for thought pantry

No student should have to go hungry. That’s why the Gateway Foundation provides funds to our Food for Thought Pantry. The food pantry helps students in immediate need, regardless of income and household size.

Student emergency fund

Student Emergency Fund's purpose is to help alleviate the cost of unplanned, emergency expenses for Gateway students; expenses that unaddressed put the students at risk for dropping out of school. The program is administered as a "micro loan" initiative. Students are encouraged to repay the amount, but only if their circumstances allow that to happen. The payment is issued by the Student Emergency Fund and whenever possible directly to the ultimate vendor (i.e. Kroger in the instance of food, Duke in the instance of utilities, car repair shop, etc.) - not to the student directly to ensure the integrity of the fund's usage and purpose. 


Gateway, in partnership with Learning Grove (formerly Children, Inc.), provides childcare vouchers to our eligible enrolled students. Community support allows us to help offset the cost of childcare for eligible students in order to secure quality childcare services at a Learning Grove facility, through a voucher program.


Scholarships at Gateway are more flexible than those found at many four-year institutions to reflect the needs of our student population. Gateway scholarships allows students to pay for books and tuition, but also tests, specialized equipment, and in some cases, even food and emergency expenses. Our scholarships are designed to help students get what they need to be successful in their academic careers, not just to help pay for them to be in the classroom.

Retention Grants

At Gateway Community and Technical College, we understand that every student’s educational journey may encounter financial bumps along the way.  That’s why our retention grants program plays a vital role in ensuring our students can stay on course to reach their academic goals.   These small grants serve as a safety net, reducing financial burdens and providing essential support when unexpected challenges arise.  By offering this assistance, we empower our students to overcome financial hurdles and complete their education with confidence. Learn more about how you can be part of this impactful program and help our students achieve their goals.

Summer Career Camps

At Gateway Community and Technical College, we believe in providing high school students with a pathway to explore their future careers, free of cost. Our Summer Career Camps are designed to offer students a hands-on, immersive experience in various career fields. Our goal is simple: to open doors and inspire the next generation of professionals. These camps are not just about theoretical learning; they're about getting your hands dirty, trying new things, and hearing from industry experts who are passionate about what they do. We want to ensure that cost is never a barrier to discovering a student’s career passion. Our Summer Career Camps are a unique opportunity to explore different career options, gain practical skills, and receive insights from professionals working in those fields. Learn more about how you can be part of this impactful program.