Reimagining Remote Teaching Volume 14 | GCTC

Reimagining Remote Teaching Volume 14

by Dr. Kerri McKenna - November 19, 2020

Please use this Thanksgiving break to be kind to yourself and others. I know Thanksgiving will not be the same for most of us, but that doesn’t mean it has to be bad.

Instead, make an intentional effort to share thanks with all of your loved ones.

Consider stopping at the Dollar Tree and picking up a few boxes of holiday cards. During your Thanksgiving break, write your loved one a card with a shared, fond memory you have with them. Then, drop it in the mail to brighten their day. 

Or, consider purchasing Thanksgiving cards for your street while at the dollar store. At 2 for $1, it is an economical way to wish your neighbors a wonderful holiday by sharing a brief message and hand delivering messages to their mailboxes.

Lots of family living far away? Search Google for free, virtual escape rooms for the kiddos and adults to come together during a zoom (or collaborate) session!

Missing Black Friday shopping? Consider wearing your PJs, and set-up a collaborate or zoom meeting to online shop with your friends over warm coffee and leftover pie.

Consider a road trip to enjoy the Gorge or Hocking Hills, or any area hiking trails you have yet to encounter. 

No matter what, just make time to be in the moment and enjoy your good fortunes. 2020 is the year of being thankful for what we have, not asking for what we want. 

Faculty and Staff of the Year Award Nominations

2020 - 2021 Academic Year 

Finally, another way to share our strength and courage is to celebrate each other. Take a few minutes and nominate a staff or faculty member of the year for 2020 – 2021. You can submit your nominations HERE.

Specific information for nominations can be found here:

Please nominate yourself or a colleague to receive this year's Faculty or Staff of the year award. A deserving candidate shows exemplary dedication to Gateway's Three Commitments:

  1. Enhance Access to Education & Training
  2. Create Engaging & Relevant Curriculum/Programming/Services
  3. Remove Barriers to Higher Education.

FT Faculty and Staff are eligible for nomination. Nominations are due by Wednesday, November 25th. Those who are nominated will be contacted by the Office of Knowledge Management in early December to complete the formal application process.

Have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone. Thank you for being on this journey with me, sharing your grace, your encouragement, and your kindness. And remember, when a moment takes you: don’t forget to breath. 

Simply put, it is an honor to know each of you.