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Selective Admission: Associate Degree Nursing (to become an RN)

Initial/General Admission Point System

Students in Initial Admission (traditional) Track will earn points for the following categories of evaluation. Students may score a maximum of 12 points. Each candidate is evaluated as one of the following options:

  • Nursing GPA
  • MAT & BIO 137 grades and attempts
  • HESI A2 overall score
  • Completion of all co-requisites
  • Completion of prior degree

Nursing GPA

Points will be assigned to the Nursing/General Education GPA as follows: (3 points)

Nursing GPA Points
GPA Points
3.5–4.0 3
3.1–3.49 2
2.5–3.09 1
2.49 and below (We do not admit any students with lower than a 2.5 GPA.) 0

Nursing/General Education GPA = tally of all completed approved general education coursework of at least 12 hours.

Quality Points shall be awarded as follows for each grade earned: A = 4 points, B = 3 points, C = 2 points, D = 1 point.

Refer to the following chart for guidance in calculating the General Education GPA.

Nursing/General Education GPA Courses, Quality Points, and Credit Hours
Course Grade Quality Points Credit Hours Credit Hours × Quality Points
General Psychology (PSY 110)     3  
Quantitative Reasoning (MAT 150 or higher)     3  
Written Communications (ENG 101)     3  
Anatomy & Physiology 1 (BIO 137)     4  
Anatomy & Physiology 2 (BIO 139)     4  
Medical Microbiology (BIO 225)     4  
Heritage/Humanities     3  
Nursing Assistant (NAA 100)     3  

To calculate the nursing/general education GPA, enter grades earned for each completed course. Enter the quality points associated with each grade earned. Multiply the course credit hours by the earned quality points and record this number in the last column.

Nursing GPA Calculation
Calculation Value
Sum of last column  
Sum of credit hours column  
Nursing/General Education GPA: Divide the sum of the last column by the sum of the credit hours column. (Be sure to only count the number of credit hours you have completed, which may be less than 27.)  

MAT & BIO 137 Grades and Attempts

Completion of the following courses, Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 and Quantitative Reasoning (MAT 150 or higher), will be assigned points as follows: (maximum of 2 per subject)

BIO 137 & MAT 150 or higher Points
BIO 137 & MAT 150 or higher Grade Points for Each Course
A 2
B 1
C 0
W, D, E, or F -1

*Anatomy and Physiology courses must have been completed within the past 5 years of NSG 101 start date.

HESI A2 Overall Score

HESI A2 Composite Scores will be assigned points as follows:

Points for HESI A2 Score
Score Points
90+ 3
81–89 2
75–81 1
0–74 0

Completion of All Co-Requisites

Completion of all co-requisite courses will be assigned 1 point.

Co-Requisites and Points
Courses Grade
Written Communications (ENG 101)  
Anatomy & Physiology 2 (BIO 139)  
Medical Microbiology (BIO 225)  
Heritage/Humanities (Recommend PHI 110)  

Completion of Prior Degree

Completion of a previous Associate or Bachelor’s Degree will be assigned 1 point.