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Bike Friendly Destination

Become a Biker

Gateway Community & Technical College has become a part of a new initiative to become a bike friendly campus. This initiative directly links to our strategic goal to develop and implement a comprehensive plan for sustainability management that details financial, environmental, and social performance gains. The Two Rivers Building is already a bike-friendly destination.

You CAN bike to campus.

  • Check out the bike racks at the Two Rivers Building and Edgewood Campus.
  • Look for hooks in the wheelchair-accessible stalls of all the bathrooms at the Two Rivers Building.
  • Join the Gateway community for events as we all become bikers.

Why bike to campus?

Have you seen what gas costs lately?

  • You'll have a reserved parking place every day!
  • When you bike just four miles round-trip instead of driving, you keep 51 pounds of carbon monoxide out of the air each year and
  • you burn 36,000 calories that's 10 pounds of fat!

Gateway receives silver award as a bike friendly destination

Gateway Community & Technical College is being recognized as one of the inaugural businesses and organizations in the greater Cincinnati area to be designated as a bike friendly destination. Gateway representatives will be presented with the silver level award on May 2 at an awards ceremony at Tangeman University Center, University of Cincinnati.

Gateway Bike Friendly Destination Recognition

The Gateway Community & Technical College Two Rivers Building was recognized as a gold-certified Bike Friendly Destination, and the Gateway Edgewood Campus was recognized as a silver-certified Bike Friendly Destination by the Queen City Bikes program of Greater Cincinnati. This designation represents the efforts by the two locations to welcome bicyclists to the property by providing safe places to store bikes, areas for bicyclists to freshen up, and activities to promote bicycling.