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Automotive Repair

The Gateway Transportation Division can use your personally owned vehicles to enhance students’ hands-on learning experience. The Division would like to utilize “live vehicles”, but the owners of these vehicles must understand and agree to the following;

  1. Vehicles are taken in for diagnosis and/or repair only if they fit the classes being taught, and if the instructor feels that the work will be beneficial to the students’ training.
  2. All owners must sign an LW1 waiver that states that Gateway College, the Transportation Division, and the instructors do not accept responsibility for any damage to the vehicle.
  3. Because vehicles are worked on by students in a learning environment, owners must understand that the vehicle must be left until completed, or until the instructor deems the vehicle to no longer be a learning aid. If the vehicle cannot be left for an undetermined amount of time, then do not request Gateway to use your vehicle for this purpose.
  4. Gateway’s Transportation Division does not guarantee the students’ work, nor does it promise to complete or even attempt repairs. The Transportation Division does appreciate the use of vehicles to enhance student learning, but we may be unable to meet the needs or deadlines of all people. We are not a repair facility.
  5. If you agree to have your vehicle used for student learning, then you must also agree to leave the vehicle as long as needed, and to purchase/pay for any and all parts/supplies required for diagnosis and repair.

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