April 15, 2021 Agenda and Minutes | GCTC

April 15, 2021 Agenda and Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday, April 15, 2021, 6:30 p.m.
Teams Meeting – Audio and Video Conference

Board Members Present

  • Ms. Morgan Arnold
  • Mr. John Baines
  • Mr. Charles Coleman
  • Mr. Sam Collier
  • Mr. Erik Hermes
  • Mr. David Schoenling
  • Mr. Charles L. Session, Jr. 

Board Members Absent

  • Mr. Larry Brown
  • Mr. John Hayden
  • Mrs. Ruth Howell 

Gateway and KCTCS Faculty and Staff Present

  • Ms. Julie Althaver, Director of Development
  • Mr. Mike Baker, Director of Maintenance and Operations
  • Ms. Frannie Bennett, Instructor and QEP Director
  • Mr. Matt Bunning, Manager of Safety and Security
  • Ms. Jane Frantz, Executive Assistant, President’s Office
  • Dr. Fernando Figueroa, President/CEO
  • Dr. Denise Fritsch, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Ms. Christi Godman, Associate Vice President, Workforce Solutions
  • Ms. Amy Hatfield, Associate Vice President, Human Resources
  • Ms. Adrijana Kowatsch, Vice President Development and External Relations
  • Mr. Patrick Lamping, Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications
  • Ms. Amanda Lewis, Gateway student, graduate and Ready to Work staff
  • Ms. Erica Marye, Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications
  • Dr. Tiffany Minard, Associate Vice President of Inclusion and Intervention Services
  • Mr. Doug Penix, Associate Vice President for Academic Services
  • Ms. Christina Powers, Coordinator, Ready-to-Work
  • Mr. Josh Risch, Information Technology Project Manager
  • Ms. Melissa Sears, Director of Information Technology
  • Mr. Paul Tontillo, Director of Budget & Fiscal Services
  • Dr. Teri VonHandorf, Vice President, Academic Affairs & Provost
  • Mr. Andre Washington, Associate Vice President Enrollment
  • Ms. Ingrid Washington, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Mr. Jamie Younger, Vice President, Administrative & Business Affairs


  1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance/Moment of Silence/Roll Call
    • Board Chair John Baines, called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. The board recited the Pledge of Allegiance and observed a moment of silence. Roll call was taken. The record will reflect that a quorum was present.
  2. Mission Moment
    • Dr. Figueroa introduced Ms. Amanda Lewis, a Gateway graduate, who is transferring to NKU to pursue a bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications. She decided to enroll at Gateway after meeting Christina Powers, Gateway Ready to Work Coordinator, at a Backpacks community event. Amanda worked with Christina to explore her options and determined that it was possible for her to go to college for a degree in marketing and social media. She has been involved with Gateway2NKU program, TRIO, and Ready to Work. Her experience of encouraging and supportive faculty and staff at Gateway has been life-changing for Amanda and her family.

      Mr. Session, Mr. Hermes, and Dr. Figueroa congratulated Ms. Lewis, thanked her for sharing her story, and gave their best wishes for continued success. 
  3. Approval of Minutes 
    • Chair Baines asked if there were any comments or questions about the draft minutes from the February 4, 2021, meeting. There being none, he called for a motion to approve the minutes. Upon motion by Mr. Schoenling, and seconded by Mr. Session, a vote was taken to approve the minutes as presented. The vote was unanimous to approve. 
  4. Annual Mission Statement Review
    • Dr. Figueroa presented the current mission statement of the college to fulfill the annual mission statement review. The Board of Regents requires that the mission statement be reviewed by the college board annually, and in the third year be presented to the Board of Regents for a vote to approve any revisions. The Gateway mission statement was revised and approved by the Board of Regents in March 2020.

      Upon motion by Mr. Schoenling to affirm the current mission statement, the motion was seconded by Mr. Session. The vote was unanimous to approve. 
  5. Committee Reports
    1. Finance and Facilities Committee – Mr. Hermes
      Mr. Eric Hermes reported that the Finance and Facilities Committee met on March 25. Attendees included all committee members; Chair Baines; Mr. Jamie Younger, VP, Administrative & Business Affairs; Mr. Paul Tontillo, Director of Budget & Fiscal Services; and Dr. Figueroa. The good news is that the college is $1million ahead of budget. The excellent results are due to the college-wide enrollment efforts, a conservative budget, and additional critical funding from federal stimulus payments. The committee will meet on April 23 and will present the 2021-22 college budget for approval at the May meeting.
    2. Performance Evaluation of the President – Mr. Session
      Mr. Charles Session reported that the Performance Evaluation of the President committee met on April 9 to prepare for the evaluation. Evaluation forms will be distributed to the board on Monday. They will be returned by April 30. During the week of May 9, the committee will meet to create a summary statement, which will be sent to Chair Baines for review during the week of May 16. The final summary statement (approved at the May board meeting) will be sent to the KCTCS President.
    3. Strategic Planning Development Committee – Mr. Collier
      Mr. Sam Collier reported that the committee has not met since the last board meeting. They will meet when the data is available and will report to the board at the start of the new year.
  6. Board Member Spotlight
    • Chair Baines said that Mr. Brown was scheduled to give his presentation, but he was not able to join the meeting tonight. He will present at a future meeting, and someone else will be nominated for the spotlight in May. Mr. Brown nominated Chair Baines to share his own story at this meeting. Chair Baines shared photos and spoke about his education, work experience, hobbies, and family. He said that he serves on the board as an outgrowth of his commitment to the community and to advancing education for manufacturing and workforce opportunities. 
  7. Chairperson's Report
    • Chair Baines spoke about local job numbers, that highlight the fragile economy, coinciding with more openings than skilled people to fill the jobs. Chair Baines said that community college is the answer, and Gateway can play a significant role in the community to advance equitable access to education. He expressed appreciation that Dr. Figueroa uses his role and voice to inspire local leaders.
  8. President’s Report - Dr. Figueroa
    • Dr. Figueroa updated the board with results from the Executive Leadership Team retreat on February 5. They looked at the college budget and decided to focus on three areas: dual credit matriculation, 25-44 year old college stopouts, and under-represented students (URS). To support those areas Gateway has added resources to media and messaging.

      Dr. Figueroa shared program updates on the new paralegal technology program, the paramedic to RN program, and the Apprenticeship Academy.

      Dr. Figueroa asked Ms. Ingrid Washington, Vice President Student Affairs, to give highlights from the recently submitted Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion report to the Council on Postsecondary Education. Ms. Washington introduced Dr. Tiffany Minard as the new Associate Vice President for Inclusion and Intervention Services. Dr. Minard has been at Gateway for ten years, leading counseling and intervention services for the college. She recently took over diversity efforts. Dr. Minard presented the strategies for recruitment of underrepresented students from Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati area. She reported results for enrollment and retention of students and success with early alert programs, diversity and inclusion training for staff and faculty, and other
      engagement efforts. Ms. Washington spoke about next steps to increase partnerships and embed inclusive practices in all the college does.

      Dr. Figueroa asked Ms. Frannie Bennett, instructor and QEP Director, to update the board on the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), which is included in the SACSCOC reaffirmation process. Ms. Bennett shared that the goal of QEP is to develop a project to improve student success and/or student learning outcomes. The three topics that faculty and staff selected are equip all students with employability skills, increase persistence rates of students taking online courses, and expand the success coaching model. The board is asked to participate in a survey to help the college select the topic that will be implemented. The survey link will be sent via email.

      Dr. Figueroa informed the board that Gateway will celebrate our graduates with a drive-thru commencement this year. The chair of each board and elected officials are invited to record congratulatory messages that will be shared on social media.

      Dr. Figueroa recognized Chair Baines, who is receiving an award at the Northern Kentucky Education Council Excellence in Education event on May 5. Several other Gateway supporters and friends are receiving awards, including Mr. Dave Fleischer, of Ignite Institute, who is on the Gateway Foundation board.

      The full report was placed on file. 
  9. Adjournment
    • Chair Baines called the meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m. 

Important Dates to Remember

  • Board Meetings –
    • May 27, 2021
    • September 2, 2021
    • October 21, 2021
    • December 9, 2021