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Laser Grade/PSI

LaserGrade/PSI is the largest United States owned and operated network in North America. LaserGrade/PSI has more than 1,000 computer-based testing centers across the United States and Canada, including 30 international sites.

LaserGrade/PSI offers proctored computer-based test administration for professional and occupational licensure and certification examinations, and Federal Aviation Administration licensure using its own secure network and software.

LaserGrade/PSI is one of only two computer-based testing companies authorized by the federal government to administer all FAA Airman Knowledge Tests (pilots). LaserGrade/PSI delivers more than 60 required exams for commercial and private pilots and mechanics and computer-based examinations to candidates in more than 60 other occupations.

For more information visit or call 1-800-211-2754 to schedule a test.