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Earn money while you attend school and you could graduate debt free. This work/study program gives you the opportunity to learn in the environment in which you will work as well as the ability to apply almost immediately what you learned in class on the manufacturing floor. It is not your typical college class. You attend class full time two days a week and work at your sponsoring manufacturer three days. You will also learn lean manufacturing principles and develop productive work behaviors that provide excellent self-development skills that are very attractive to employers. The course work implements the multidisciplinary, multiskilled model with courses in electricity, fluid power, mechanics, fabrication, troubleshooting, problem solving, etc.

Program Financial Opportunities

  • Salary and any benefits are determined by the individual manufacturer and will be relayed to the student during the selection process.
  • Pay increases are based on work performance evaluation and academic performance (this is considered income and subject to all applicable wage guidelines).
  • Program is eligible for KEES scholarship funding
  • Program is eligible for Federal Financial Aid

To be considered for the program, candidates must complete the AMT on-line application, and submit the required documents to the address listed in the application form. Candidates must also complete a Gateway Admission application. Only applicants that meet the eligibility requirements and submit the required documents will be sent to manufacturers for review and selection. Please make sure you submit all documents.

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Dee Wright,

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