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Academic Articulations and Collaborations for Transfer

If you're a university representative interested in starting discussions about a possible academic partnership with Gateway and/or KCTCS, or have already informally engaged in such discussions, please note Gateway considers the following factors when evaluating potential partnerships:

Benefits for Gateway students: How will the partnership enhance the educational experience for Gateway students?

Accessibility: Is the program easily accessible to students in Northern Kentucky? Are there online alternatives?

Affordability: How does the program's cost compare to existing Gateway partnerships? Are there opportunities for students to qualify for scholarships? What other benefits are available to Gateway students?

Accreditation: Is the program accredited regionally and/or nationally?

Credit: How will credits earned while attending Gateway be applied to future academic endeavors?

Offerings: Does the program provide distinctive academic prospects for Gateway students, compared to current partnerships, or does it enhance the depth of existing opportunities?

Feel free to get in touch with us to exchange ideas, address any queries you might have, and discuss the next steps.