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NOOK Reading Devices now Available at the Gateway Boone Campus Bookstore

As students head to the bookstore to pick up their textbooks, t-shirts, and thumb-drives they can now also buy an award-winning NOOK device and join the digital reading revolution. Beginning this fall, in keeping with its commitment to offer innovative products and services, the Gateway Boone Campus bookstore is offering Barnes amp; Nobles popular NOOK line including the All-New NOOK and NOOK Color. These innovative and industry leading devices deliver a rich an engaging experience and give people who love to read easy access to Barnes amp; Nobles expansive NOOK Bookstore of more than two million digital titles including books, magazines, newspapers and more.

We are excited to offer Barnes amp; Nobles popular and innovative NOOK products in our store, said Heather Jones. We have many customers who are interested in learning more about the benefits of digital reading products and content, and this will give them the chance to experience it first-hand. Customers interested in purchasing a NOOK can place their order at the bookstore and have the device shipped to a location of their choosing.

Barnes amp; Nobles NOOK product line uses the element of touch to achieve simplicity and ease of use. The All-New NOOK, the Simple Touch Reader, features extra-long battery life on the ultra-light, portable 6-inch eReader with the most-advanced E Ink Pearl display and the most social reading experience ever all for just $139. With a simple tap, its intuitive and easy to navigate, shop, and read on this eReader for everyone.

For customers who love to read everything in rich color, NOOK Color Readers Tablet features a stunning 7-inch VividView Color Touchscreen. Ideal for reading a wide variety of content including books, immersive children's picture books, an expansive collection of interactive magazines, newspapers and more, The best value tablet at just $249, NOOK Color also offers the most-requested tablet features, including high-quality NOOK Apps, built-in email, and an enhanced Web experience.

While NOOK Color and the All-New NOOK are ideally suited for pleasure reading and activities, customers interested in trying out a digital textbook (eTextbook) will enjoy NOOK Study by Barnes amp; Noble (, a free software application for PCs and Macs. This digital study platform is one of the most popular eTextbook applications because of its intuitive and interactive design. NOOK Study was designed with student and faculty input and includes an array of useful features including the ability to highlight and take notes using different colors, view multiple books simultaneously, organize their electronic course content into files they create, link to online reference tools, and access eTextbooks on two different computers. In addition to saving students up to 60 percent over the cost of a new printed book, with NOOK Study students can try out many eTextbooks titles at no cost for seven days to see if they like the digital format.

To learn more about NOOK Study or download it, visit