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New Gateway2NKU Partnership Makes Earning 4-Year Degree Seamless, Efficient and Affordable

Northern Kentucky University and Gateway Community & Technical College announced today a partnership called Gateway2NKU that will make earning a bachelors degree in northern Kentucky easier, quicker and more affordable.

The program creates a series of degree pathways that begin with enrollment at Gateway and end with a bachelors degree from NKU. Gateway2NKU establishes a seamless transition between the institutions assisted by personally assigned advisors. The program also features dual admission in which participating students are enrolled simultaneously at NKU and Gateway, providing access to all student activities and services at both institutions.

This is a model example of how higher education institutions can work together to improve the quality of life in the regions they serve, said Gateway President/CEO Ed Hughes. Not only will students be able to earn an associate degree and a bachelors degree in less time and spending less money, but this program will also allow Gateway and NKU to operate more efficiently and effectively by reducing the duplication of programs and services.

Gateway2NKU launches with 25 distinct degree pathways, with more expected as the program grows. These pathways will make it easier for both institutions to offer academic advising and support services tailored toward a students educational and career goals. For example, students who know they want to earn a bachelors degree in accounting at NKU will know they must earn an Associate in Science at Gateway first. This will assist them with course selection while at Gateway and ensure automatic transfer of Gateway credit hours to NKU.

But the benefits don't stop there. Gateway students on an established degree pathway will be able to take up to four NKU courses at Gateway's tuition rates, lowering the cost of earning a degree while acclimating students to the NKU campus and integrating them into social and academic life prior to transferring. They will also be eligible for NKU programs and activities such as tutoring, intramural sports and Greek life. They will have access to NKUs Steely Library, Norse athletic events, fine arts, special events and performances.

We are excited about the possibilities of this partnership, said NKU President Geoffrey Mearns. For our region to be competitive economically, we must work to ensure more of our citizens have the education and training to meet the need for skilled workers across a number of industries. This program will allow Gateway to produce more graduates who then earn an NKU bachelors degree. It also represents a new approach to higher education in our region by promoting collaboration and shared resources.

The Gateway2NKU program is open to Gateway students who are following an academic pathway designed for transfer to a baccalaureate program at NKU and who are completing an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science or Associate in Applied Science degree. Participating students must be enrolled in at least six credit hours at Gateway and be in good standing with no academic or financial holds. Students must have completed 15 credit hours in non-developmental courses with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 before they can enroll in an NKU course. A second NKU course is available after completion of 30 credit hours, and two additional NKU courses are available upon the completion of 45 credit hours.

A complete list of current Gateway2NKU pathways is available on the Gateway website at